1. Matth3w's Avatar
    Anyone else's icon not showing up? I tried two different icons but it just gives me a plain gray one.

    Hmmm, seemed to fix itself.
    Last edited by Matth3w; 2010-05-08 at 07:26 PM. Reason: Automerged Doublepost
    2010-05-08 07:26 PM
  2. Pronup's Avatar
    Yeah, the same thing happened to me!
    2010-05-09 03:09 AM
  3. fletch33's Avatar
    Same with mine
    "i believe louisiana is the pelican state"
    2010-05-09 03:13 AM
  4. Pronup's Avatar
    Mine has not fixed itself!
    2010-05-09 04:13 AM
  5. NightFalcon8's Avatar
    Mine has the same problem too..!
    2010-05-14 07:09 PM
  6. WoozleWrangler's Avatar
    try ssh-ing into your ipad as user 'mobile' and run the 'uicache' command. this should reload your icons. SBSettings also runs uicache (on boot, i think) so that could be why it "fixed itself" for some but not others. if uicache isn't installed, you can grab it from cydia.
    2010-05-17 06:20 AM
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