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    I am running Veency on my iPod Touch 2nd Generation on 3.1.3 firmware, recently jailbroke using SpiritJB. I installed Veency and activated it, and I am using TightVNC Viewer on Windows Vista Home Edition.

    TightVNC is working fine, except for I cannot actually see the iPod Touch screen on my computer. I can control the iPod Touch through the computer using the virtual mouse, but I cannot actually see the screen. Does anyone have any tips?

    2010-05-08 06:29 PM
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    I am having the exact same problem and cannot find a solution. I have tried removing Veency and installing it again, but no luck with that. Anybody know how to fix this?

    EDIT (5/22/10):
    Found some help!
    You will have to use an old version of Veency. Download veency_0.9.3023-1 and then install with SSH. make folder called Cydia in /var/root/media/
    then make a folder called AutoInstall inside /var/root/media/Cydia/
    put the .deb file in there then REBOOT the device
    after you reboot, you have to respring
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    2010-05-21 04:49 AM