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  1. Navec245's Avatar
    I'm really liking the LockInfo theme part the most! Overall it looks great santaf!
    2010-05-10 05:39 PM
  2. santaf's Avatar
    Thanks Navec. lol Actually the lockinfo theme is the default lock info theme haha. It looks really nice with this theme which is good, but I'll probably still try to come up with another lockinfo theme that fits, maybe with some orange in it.

    As for the wallpaper I guess i can post it up hah. I'll do it later today I gotta finish getting ready.
    2010-05-10 07:04 PM
  3. battlecrushr's Avatar
    wowee santaf getting better every time
    2010-05-10 09:27 PM
  4. Johnnee's Avatar
    I had the idea yesterday of making icons this shape. Now i have to think of something else :'(

    Anyway. Love it. Very clean theme mate
    2010-05-10 09:37 PM
  5. santaf's Avatar
    Thanks guys battle I'm working on my UI right now haha

    Thanks Johnnee sorry haha :P you can do the same shape still though haha just don't copy the whole icon haha but every shape pretty much has been done before. It's hard to come up with something that hasen't already been done.
    2010-05-10 09:49 PM
  6. 1PM@N!O's Avatar
    I love the springboard!!

    not so sure about the rest...
    2010-05-11 03:50 AM
  7. TRUCKINLOW's Avatar
    this is looking very nice santaf cant wait to see more!
    2010-05-11 03:53 AM
  8. santaf's Avatar
    1pm I'm glad you atleast like the springboard. hah

    thanks truck can't wait to see what you are working on too

    some UI I just busted through what you guys think?

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    2010-05-11 09:53 AM
  9. PhanaticD's Avatar
    2010-05-11 03:11 PM
  10. AWSUM's Avatar
    Santaf...ths is gonna be big biggg hit!
    I am loving this theme already!
    2010-05-11 03:48 PM
  11. Raaj FX was banned's Avatar
    Damn it Santa.

    You've done it again
    2010-05-11 04:35 PM
  12. santaf's Avatar
    ROFL! thanks haha

    and thanks awesome and ardott i'm really enjoying working on this one
    2010-05-11 09:30 PM
  13. s1l3nt's Avatar
    veryyy nice im liking the icons
    2010-05-11 11:39 PM
  14. jeffnmistie's Avatar
    great job santa! cant wait
    2010-05-12 01:13 AM
  15. metaserph's Avatar
    Sweet looking UI elements Nando, keep it up bro!
    2010-05-12 01:29 AM
  16. santaf's Avatar
    2010-05-12 01:51 AM
  17. Zwayne's Avatar
    Looking real nice!!!
    2010-05-12 01:57 AM
  18. santaf's Avatar
    Looking real nice!!!
    Thanks Zwayne

    Just finished the UI now time for hw here is some update to UI

    biteSMS pop-up

    First page updated with a much nicer view of the Theme so far, though it doesn't include everything I have themed yet
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    2010-05-12 04:50 AM
  19. floppy_joe's Avatar
    cant see the images, says to upgrade to photobucket pro
    2010-05-12 05:47 AM
  20. santaf's Avatar
    yeah i'm fixing this right now i have like a billion photos in photobucket haha so check back soon

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    2010-05-12 06:07 AM
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