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    I was able to get my ipad to read the usb and and sd card through the camera kit with no work arounds, the ipad auto mounts the device for reading, all you need is ifile,

    with the drive/card in the slot open ifile go to var/mnt and you will see your mount point, click on the mount1 point and there ya go your mounted drive, i was able to view pictures full screen without importing them and also view excel, word docs and other pics from a usb drive etc.. I will try viewing movies soon but it seems like it will work and now I just expanded my ipad to at least 500gb with my external wd drive


    EDIT: USB drives requiring power will not work, you will need a self powered usb drive, usb sticks will work however
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    2010-05-11 02:57 PM
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    OMG! Reply if this ***** can play movies!

    A few questions.

    Can u use a USB stick. Not and external

    Do you need to unmount the drive everytime you remove it?

    If so is it easy to remount?
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    YES IT CAN PLAY MOVIES!! I copied a bunch of .mp4 videos onto the card, and they play flawlessly through ifile opening up the quicktime player

    yes a USB stick works, im going to buy a 32GB one today and will test it with movies etc, pictures and pdf's work fine but I only had a small stick to test,
    it automounts, so just removing it dismounts it and plugging it back in mounts it
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  4. DaveiPhone's Avatar
    This works great, thanks for the tip.
    2010-05-11 07:49 PM
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    This is just what i was looking for... BUTI found in order to make this actually work I must insert the sd card into the camera connection kit & let the "Photo app" start then use backgrounder to keep the photo app running in the background in order to let ifile see the mounted directory. unless im doing something wrong. without doing this the "mount1" directory is not visable

    also the direcory is /var/mnt/mount1 not /var/mount/mount1
    2010-05-11 10:42 PM
  6. jviphone's Avatar
    Yes chuck you are correct with the path name it is var/mnt/mount1 to the mounted device in the camera kit, i dont have to have the app running in the background nor have to exit out of the photo app, this will prob occur if you insert a card with the DCIM dir in it as ipad is reading it as an attached camera as well so that is why its autostarting the photo app, but if you close the app and view the card in ifile you should not have to have photo app running in the background
    2010-05-11 11:31 PM
  7. shaggz's Avatar
    So what process/steps did you take to get this working?
    2010-05-12 12:23 AM
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    Yes you were right my sd card had a Dcim folder on it. Moved all files and folders out of dcim folder and in to the root of sd card and now I don't need to have photo app running in background. Cool!
    2010-05-12 12:27 AM
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    this is just

    2010-05-12 12:58 AM
  10. CTBC's Avatar
    How do the devices receive power? I thought all USB drives and USB sticks required power, either through USB or a separate cable.
    2010-05-12 07:39 PM
  11. chuckkay's Avatar
    It's enough power for a sd card or USB thumb drive, as long as they don't have LEDs or long cables. Make sure the are formatted as fat32.
    2010-05-12 11:08 PM
  12. cougar24man's Avatar
    Two quick questions:

    1) Can it be HFS+ instead of FAT32?

    2) What video extensions have you been able to play?
    2010-05-13 12:52 AM
  13. chuckkay's Avatar
    I've got mp4 m4v & mov files to play. I think I got an avi from one of my digital cameras to play, But not xvid divx or mkv. For those type of files I convert them with "air video server" which is a great app for converting & streaming live conversions on the fly from your pc.

    I don't know if the card can be HFS
    2010-05-13 02:59 AM
  14. DaveiPhone's Avatar
    If you yxflash installed, you can play divx, xvid, Flash and WMV quite nicely, directly from a usb flash drive.
    2010-05-13 05:42 AM
  15. chuckkay's Avatar
    Yes, but yxflash was designed for the slower iPhone processor and is still a little to choppy for me, considering the iPad has a better a4 processor I'm waiting for yxflash to update their decoder to correct the pixelation and choppiness.
    2010-05-13 06:33 AM
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    Have you tried the v3 demo? It runs quite smoothly for me on the iPad and is now a hybrid app.
    2010-05-13 07:28 AM
  17. chuckkay's Avatar
    Yes I was pleased they made a full screen version, but it still runs choppy on my xvid tv shows. And now that it's full screen the pixels are more visible then on the iPhone. They still need to optimize the decoder for the a4 processor, considering iPhone 4 will have the same chip. My guess is yxflash will be improved over time.
    2010-05-13 07:42 AM
  18. jaynoonan's Avatar
    I have a jail broken iPad. When I plug the USB into the cAmera kit. It says USB is not compatible or it doesn't recognize at all. I have tried about 4-5 different USB drives. Also tried on non jail broken iPad.

    2010-05-13 04:50 PM
  19. jaynoonan's Avatar
    I have a jail broken iPad. When I plug the USB into the cAmera kit. It says USB is not compatible or it doesn't recognize at all. I have tried about 4-5 different USB drives. Also tried on non jail broken iPad.


    I've tried using file and nothing shows up under mnt directory??

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    2010-05-13 05:19 PM
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    mine says that too but it still shows in ifile fine. maybe you are looking in the wrong folder? Also, this wont work on drives that need power, it needs to be a thumb drive.
    2010-05-13 06:12 PM
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