1. thinmints's Avatar
    I've looked everywhere, but can't find the information I need.

    1) Where is the file (directory and file name) for the Wallpaper on the charging screen? Stock it is black, how can I change this?

    2) How can I delete the reflection thing that's automatic? I tried deleting the BatteryReflectionMask, but that just deletes the opacity layer on top of it, but leaves the reflection still.
    2010-05-12 02:02 PM
  2. TheWiredHavocMC2.0's Avatar
    currently there is no way to change the wallpaper on the batter charging screen. Believe me i looked. there was a program called FrostBite that allowed this. you can google it but i dont know if you can still get it.

    i believe the batter reflection is part of the OS. FrostBite also allowed you to remove this feature.

    good luck and please post anything you find on this matter. a lot of users had the same questions you did

    2010-05-12 04:27 PM
  3. magusxxx's Avatar
    Frostbite and the info behind it is still available at...

    MacThemes Forum / [MS] Frostbite

    I installed it a few months ago and it worked fine.
    2010-05-12 09:55 PM