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    Like many Canon 7D / 5DmkII owners, I want to use my iPad as a live view monitor for movies.

    Just like the EOS utility for OS X, I want to be able to adjust the shot in real time and hit record.

    It looks like this can't be done with the official Apple SDK, but since when did that stop some people...

    With the Camera Connection Kit and Canon's EOS SDK's available, I'm sure someone out there is up for the challenge.

    2010-05-14 04:37 PM
  2. sketchstudios's Avatar
    Im not sure about Canon 7D / 5DmkII specifically but if something comes up using Canon EOS' SDK it would most likely work with most Canon EOS DSLRs. As far as Apple's SDK thats kind of a different story, you might have to jailbreak in order to have that functionality you want.

    Not sure if this would help you but you might want to check out an app called "Camera -> A" I have it both on my iPhone and iPad and it works pretty well. ( iTunes Link )

    Im guessing if someone can tweak this app so that it can capture the Live View feed from a Canon DSLR and have it show on the iPad that might work, this is basically what the app does but using the iPhone's camera. However I will warn you it might not be to your expectations, although the app does the job, it is sometimes too laggy -- taking pictures would be fine but if your thinking about capturing video that might not work because of the low frame rate.

    There is another suggestion I have that might work, I will try to test this later when I have some time but I use a Eye-Fi 8GB X2 Pro SD Card that has the ability to send the pictures (and video) files wirelessly the moment I take them over a Wi-Fi network to a photo or video site (or FTP) of my choice. I can also set it up to use an Ad-Hoc network, this way I can take pictures anywhere Im at, using the "MyWi" app on my jailbroken iPhone to setup a WiFi network I can have the SD card use that connection to upload my JPGs (or RAW) pictures to Flickr (or whatever I want). I also have the ability to send any video I take (however I have a Canon XSi so I dont activate that option) However, this might just work for you assuming you set it up the way I described, and can somehow set up the iPad as the host itself to recieve files as the FTP host, then go ahead and shoot your pictures or video and have the iPad recieve them afterwards.

    I know this is not a "real time" answer that you were looking for but I hope it gives you (or others) some idea on what you can do or whats possible with the iPad/iPhone and capturing pictures and video to it wirelessly on the fly.

    I wrote up a quick blogpost on the SD card here if anyones interested:

    Twitter @sketchstudios
    2010-05-15 10:11 PM