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    Here it is! iClass, my first released theme! i dont really have much to say other than it is very blue+black... so... look at the pics and decide for youself

    -vertical scrolling on the springboard
    -SBSettings theme
    -a lot of the UI is themed
    -icon pack
    -look at the images below

    i will be updating the icon pack later so dont worry if one of your icons is not themed. if you want one themed please feel free to ask and i will try to get to all of your requests.

    the instalation instructions are in the rar. if there is something missing from the instructions or you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

    this theme is only for ipod touches so if you want it for iphone you will have to wait untill the icon update comes out. or you can make the icons yourself



    credit goes to the person who made vivid for some of the icons and the style of the icons
    credit goes to the person who make the gruppled SBSettings theme for the SBSettings icons
    Attached Thumbnails [RELEASE] iClass-002-3-.png   [RELEASE] iClass-003-2-.png   [RELEASE] iClass-004-2-.png   [RELEASE] iClass-001-3-.png   [RELEASE] iClass-001.png   [RELEASE] iClass-001-4-.png   [RELEASE] iClass-006.png   [RELEASE] iClass-005.png  

    [RELEASE] iClass-002-2-.png   [RELEASE] iClass-001-2-.png  
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