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  1. Maarten16's Avatar
    no longer available

    do i get my donation back seems it was supposed to be for the theme when it was released
    Oh god, just have 1 burger less at the Burger King, geez.
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    2010-10-23 06:38 PM
  2. priezti's Avatar
    I knew there would be at least one person that came out with a comment like that
    2010-10-24 08:16 AM
  3. DevouredDreams's Avatar
    hey now everyone has to get their burger king on
    2010-10-24 08:17 AM
  4. blast123's Avatar
    lol i dont even know y u guys donate to this guy he says hes gunna release but never happens i think he just wants donations thats how i see it .....and marteen u say oh gosh just one burger less well then donate 3$ to me then u say its no big deal ill be waiting for my donation
    2010-10-24 03:38 PM
  5. priezti's Avatar
    well said that man! when there is a link saying "click here to get iscape when released" you do that and pay, when it turns outs its been cancelled i think you have a reason to get a refund, not some one posting bitchy comments!
    2010-10-24 08:19 PM
  6. AnthonyGiola's Avatar
    lmao what ever happened to this theme??
    2010-11-03 01:47 AM
  7. priezti's Avatar
    something to do with ios4 looking at it
    2010-11-03 11:18 PM
  8. Infeneon's Avatar
    Most likely. Either that or the widgets are hard to code.
    2010-11-04 03:07 AM
  9. AnthonyGiola's Avatar
    Doubt its the widgets... Those are pretty simple widgets lol.
    It must of been iOS4 but I dont think so because this would seem to be useable on iOS4??
    2010-11-04 03:38 AM
  10. priezti's Avatar
    not sure then, i know i wont be paying for "when its released" versions any more, im not bothered about money as it was not alot, its principle really
    2010-11-04 09:14 AM
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