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    (first of all , sorry for my bad english writing)
    i'm using winterboard flip clock widget from (SpringWidgets by WyndWarrior - OSX Widgets on SpringBoard)
    i adjusted position and color for my iphone
    i was really happy to find the one i was looking for.
    but after a using a few hours, i found one big problem.
    The clock doesnt work during Lock !
    so after a respring or when i'm looking springboard time is correct... thats okay
    however lock my iphone and take sometime, the time is not correct !
    the flip clock doesnt work during device lock !
    i thought that it was my fault (when i adjusted) but uploaded default one has same problem.
    i applied other flip clock from modmyi' htc2 theme, it worked correctly.
    (it doesnt have a problem after a device lock)
    could you help me with this problem?
    i attached the flip clock widget, so check it and please let me know how to solve this problem !
    thanks in advance
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    2010-05-22 05:50 PM