1. Blue's Avatar
    Okay, so I will take a look at it tonight.
    2010-06-17 08:58 AM
  2. SFI_SEBA's Avatar
    @ Vink

    I am using another theme for sms since OS2 and OS3 are way too dark for me.

    Cant wait for the official Cydia release, gees it takes time ...
    2010-06-17 12:29 PM
  3. mars0124's Avatar
    Blue, I commend you on your theme

    Now that the full version is out I've stopped using it, unfortunately, since themes are out of my budget (and who can use a 'free' version when there's something better!).

    That being said I won't be theme'ing any more icons, but thought I would include these last three of the same game. 100 Rogues is a fantastic roguelike for any who like them.
    Attached Thumbnails Evolution OS3-100-rogues.png   Evolution OS3-100-rogues-1-.png   Evolution OS3-100-rogues-2-.png  
    2010-06-17 06:44 PM
  4. applesine's Avatar
    Can somebody make some Icons for me?
    I need:
    iLiga SA
    Mega JUMP
    Pushy lite
    Thank you:-)
    2010-06-17 09:14 PM
  5. amitaf's Avatar
    Please make an icon for :
    iStudiez Pro

    and category icon for:

    Study Tools

    many thanks

    2010-06-17 11:19 PM
  6. Blue's Avatar
    EOS3 is finally released at Cyda.

    I will make some Icons today for you guys.
    2010-06-18 09:51 AM
  7. Evrongun's Avatar
    Already buy it, a wonderful, intriguing theme (even if I'm driving mad with config..eheh..it is one of my very first time modding my ui)

    I'm orienteering myself

    Thanks a lot for your hard work

    A couple icon requests:
    OverBoard (also dock size if I may dare..)

    Thanks a lot!!!
    2010-06-18 11:12 AM
  8. nemesis99990's Avatar
    Hello, I found the solution by adding the source “accuweather” in addition to APPLE accuweather.
    A question: how can one modify the order of the posting of the widget
    "weekday - month - day" in "weekday - day - month" ?
    Thank you.
    2010-06-18 04:04 PM
  9. Blue's Avatar
    You can rework the order at the widget.HTML file with a text editor.

    Look somewhere at the bottom of the file for : this_weekday... and so on.
    2010-06-18 05:30 PM
  10. nemesis99990's Avatar
    Still a small question: is it possible to modify the language of posting of the weather (modify accuweather.js)?
    2010-06-18 05:55 PM
  11. JUN1111111's Avatar
    Can somebody make some Icons for me?
    I need:
    Med calc
    instant ECG
    2010-06-18 06:53 PM
  12. Blue's Avatar
    i will release a tranlated german version with the next update, you can change this translation to any language
    2010-06-18 07:47 PM
  13. nemesis99990's Avatar
    Thank you. I await this update impatiently
    2010-06-18 07:54 PM
  14. Blue's Avatar
    Here are all your requested icons (Hope so) i also updated all icons at the link in post one.

    The update will have a optional 24 hours clock, a german version and a file where you can manually override the weather conditions.
    Attached Files
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    2010-06-18 07:59 PM
  15. amitaf's Avatar
    Please make an icon for:

    Pocket MBA

    2010-06-18 11:26 PM
  16. jotei66's Avatar
    Very impresive Blue - I liked OS2, but this even better!! In the process of installation, bought it through Rock.. was just to say thanks for all your efforts. Much appreciated.
    2010-06-19 01:48 AM
  17. mattdamon79's Avatar
    Hi could someone upload a template for the theme pages so I can change the various headings when i scroll through pages. i.e tools > favs > ect.

    2010-06-19 02:59 AM
  18. Blue's Avatar
    The template is part of the full version
    2010-06-19 03:42 AM
  19. mattdamon79's Avatar
    The template is part of the full version
    Thanks I found it didnt look hard enough lol


    Hi could someone make the following icons for me.

    Iron Man 2

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    2010-06-19 07:01 AM
  20. james341's Avatar
    this is the most beautiful theme i ever seen
    tell you the true I'm going to pay for it right now
    i hope i will mange to make it like it use to be
    i'm sure i will need some more icons
    i will tell later how i managed to use it

    like i said after installation i found some problems
    i did everything in the manual but still...
    i used this setup home page photo :

    and this is what i get:

    about the categories , i have for now only 2 : Apps and Games
    and this what i see - a lot of mess - why is that? is it because there isn't right icon?

    the last thing is the weather - i didn't use any widget but i see there is weather under all the icons
    how do i set it to my location?

    i'm sorry for all the questions - and i want to say again - great job - the 1.99 usd is nothing for what you get
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    2010-06-19 11:43 AM
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