1. barsoverbeats's Avatar
    Looks great!! Looks like Ill be backing up my default application icons!!

    2010-05-24 04:47 AM
  2. santaf's Avatar
    I believe you Zausser haha it seems winterboard is zooming in everything that's why wallpaper wont work, and widgets in ipad px resolution wont work either. Saurik has gotta leave his google mindset and start on this winterboard for ipad mind set hahah.

    Barsdid you get your ipad now?
    2010-05-24 06:05 AM
  3. barsoverbeats's Avatar
    Nah I havent yet... Looking at the order status, I may not have it until June 4th!! Ugh!! Hey, what can I do, at least its ordered...
    2010-05-24 06:21 AM
  4. santaf's Avatar
    bummer. yes yes at least it is ordered better now than later haha. I think you just gotta call up apple and be like "Do you kno who I ammm? Oh you must not know who I am.. I'm barsoverbeats mannn now give me my iPad." did you have any luck with the .artwork?
    2010-05-24 06:33 AM
  5. barsoverbeats's Avatar
    lol... I didnt have any luck... I will keep trying to see what I can do... The bottom line is if the images are not mapped in WinterBoard we cant skin them anyways...

    /calling saurik
    2010-05-24 06:52 AM
  6. santaf's Avatar
    I hope he fixes some of this stuff fast and finds a way to get the wallpaper to rotate with the springboard.
    2010-05-24 07:01 AM
  7. jokerg7's Avatar
    Zausser.. sorry didnt understand..are you saying the icon resolution is better if we just replace the icon.png in the app folder itself rather than using winterboard to change them?
    2010-05-24 04:54 PM
  8. zausser's Avatar
    ^^^ yes. And the icons on the ipad get names icon-72.png for the application folder. Winterboard zooms in the icon making it blurry and large. Untill winterboard is compatible with ipad this' how you need to do it if you want clear sharp icons.
    2010-05-24 05:13 PM
  9. jokerg7's Avatar
    ^^awesome thanks dude..theme looks nice so far!
    2010-05-24 06:19 PM
  10. zausser's Avatar
    Thinking about this for splash screens. Everyone can be using diff elements or textures

    2010-05-25 04:21 AM
  11. barsoverbeats's Avatar
    MR. HIGH RES.... Love it
    2010-05-25 04:25 AM
  12. zausser's Avatar
    It's nice having something bigger to work on. If I ever get the ui open this could be fun
    2010-05-25 04:27 AM
  13. TRUCKINLOW's Avatar
    what is this all about Z! your supoused to be on vacation lol
    2010-05-25 04:58 AM
  14. santaf's Avatar
    I like it dude And I agree it is nice :P I can't wait until saurik gets this worked out better for the ipad
    2010-05-25 05:40 AM
  15. zausser's Avatar
    Hey. I'm
    at the movies now. Vacation. Lol
    2010-05-25 05:44 AM
  16. EddieLeonard's Avatar
    i was trying to do something similar to this but on the iphone but i couldn't make the dock right :P

    good luck Z
    home it turns out the way you want it to
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    2010-05-25 08:25 AM
  17. jokerg7's Avatar
    Liking the splash screens!

    need to open up the UI tho Z
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    2010-05-25 02:54 PM
  18. zausser's Avatar
    Yes. Little frustrated with winterboard and trying to unlock the UI. To hold me over I started to make it a iPhone theme. I'm trying to do both at the same time.

    I'll see how it goes. Taking this one slowwwww
    2010-05-25 03:54 PM
  19. iPhoneMuscle's Avatar
    Omg, This is clean as hell!!! Really nice bro! So awesome.... Thank you!
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    2010-05-25 04:04 PM
  20. jokerg7's Avatar
    Yeah unfortunately we just gotta wait it out until winterboard is fully compatible...m sure saurik is working on it tho!
    2010-05-25 04:43 PM
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