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    now i have ready the first page. Im not sure to take for these infiniboard.

    I hope you like the first screen

    Hi guys,

    my vision is to create an concept of the Phone Xperia X10. I like it to much an I will have the images of my lovly iPhone. So I get the original images about the phone and now i will start to keep our iphone the face of XPERIA. So all ideas are welcome.

    and many comes in next time.

    Thx for your intrest of this theme
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    2010-05-26 05:53 PM
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    i like it, hope you can make better quality images tho, they seem a bit pixely to me, but that just might be me :P

    great work and i cant wait to see what the final will look like
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    2010-05-26 06:57 PM
  3. ziggy7's Avatar
    ^^ Yeah i agree but keep working on it, it's got potential
    2010-05-26 07:17 PM
  4. deathbybunnies6's Avatar
    keep it up!
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    2010-05-26 07:58 PM
  5. Lilalaune's Avatar
    Thx guys. Now i have sortet all images from this phone and i can begin with the work. Now i will do my best to make the images better.

    And yes this theme have a lot of potential. I think i will take the tweak infiniboard for 1 of 8 pages.

    2010-05-26 08:41 PM
  6. PhanaticD's Avatar
    this definetly has potential, keep going with it!
    2010-05-26 09:05 PM
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    Sry guys I have send it to fast, and I can not delete my post :-(
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    2010-05-28 06:06 PM
  9. reeco's Avatar
    Looks good. I did start an x10 theme, but then, gave up because the icons wont bend and its hard to implement any resemblance to what timescape actually does.

    Good luck tho.
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    2010-05-28 07:29 PM
  10. EddieLeonard's Avatar
    yeah with the icons how are you going to make each icon go a different way like the x10 phone? will be a manual icon create in photoshop or will it only be the main icons in the card view and other icons using auto create in a category or something?
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    2010-05-28 07:34 PM
  11. Lilalaune's Avatar
    Thx reeco. Yes it is very strong to set all the ideas in this theme. I do my best and for your theme the best back

    i like the diffrent way and i think it looks like good. Now i m not sure to create extra icons (i think it better for all guys to make it) this screen is complete on the wallpaper / page. I think extra icons are the best way or?
    2010-05-28 08:08 PM
  12. giorgos_rou's Avatar
    Hey, how is it going with the theme? I saw it and loved it!
    2010-07-14 12:41 AM
  13. ipodtouchsupersaiyajin's Avatar
    wow!, m workin with a similar theme too, good!

    2010-07-14 01:45 AM
  14. zumspass's Avatar
    This is refreshing! Hope to see more and I'll be more than willing to pay for this.
    2010-07-14 10:29 AM
  15. giorgos_rou's Avatar
    Of course! Me too.
    2010-07-14 12:48 PM
  16. Lilalaune's Avatar
    Hey guys i am sorry about no more infos to this theme. But iam very busy in my private base. I will married beginning august and have no times to work on the pc :-)

    But i come back with new screens in the august.

    Thx for it...
    2010-07-14 04:35 PM
  17. giorgos_rou's Avatar
    This is great to hear, hope it all is good with your wife-to-be
    Can I ask something? Do you have the X10 original icons? If so, can I have them?
    2010-07-14 05:20 PM
  18. Lilalaune's Avatar
    Yes you can. Send me per pm your mail addy. I will send you tomorrow.
    2010-07-14 07:35 PM
  19. jjicezgary's Avatar
    pls send me the X10 original icons too, thanks
    [email protected]
    2010-07-23 06:26 PM