1. Jayburd's Avatar
    I am working on my first theme for the iPad or any other idevice for that matter. I am looking for some help in developing this theme if anyone is interested. So far I have the GUI (basic black and transparent pop-ups done. About 30-40 icons, dark smoke dock. I would like help in making this, ideas, suggestions etc... this is it so far ...anything can change at a moments notice with upcoming compatible apps, tweaks and new icon.

    ***UPDATE*** 5/28/2010

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    2010-05-28 05:30 AM
  2. conchappie's Avatar
    id love to help can u send me what you've done so far at all and i'll c wot i can do cuz i'm also making a theme a osx one for the ipad
    2010-06-08 09:53 PM
  3. BucketsTouch's Avatar
    Looks Good !
    2010-06-11 09:16 PM