1. Zuaro's Avatar
    Hello people!
    Is it possible to make an animated dock for my iPod?
    I've an animated lockscreen now with 10 images that fade in/out with help of a .html file I tried to do the same with the Dock but that didn't work.
    I know 1 thing that might work but that might be killing my battery.
    Make the wallpaper animated and the dock image transparant so the dock will be on the wallpaper but since the wallpaper is bigger it will take more power to change the image what might be killing my battery.

    2010-05-29 12:20 PM
  2. Zuaro's Avatar
    Please people help me!
    2010-05-30 11:06 PM
  3. sgt.pepper's Avatar
    theres no way to make a .gif or something work on the springboard. maybe if you use a .html and move the widget below to the dock and put a couple blanks there in order to see it and use transparent dock, then slide over it (infinidock) with some clear, custom icons
    2010-05-31 12:06 AM