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View Poll Results: Should I charge like this for themes?

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  • Yes

    47 15.93%
  • No

    163 55.25%
  • Only if they are really good

    85 28.81%
  1. codezs's Avatar
    this theme is impressive! WOW
    2011-08-18 09:27 PM
  2. monmak2's Avatar
    How come mine looks so off?

    Ubuntu Ultimate - Final Release-img_0035.png
    2011-09-10 08:39 PM
  3. PhanaticD's Avatar
    its just the status bar, i made this when the code for hiding the status bar wasnt out yet
    2011-09-10 08:41 PM
  4. monmak2's Avatar
    its just the status bar, i made this when the code for hiding the status bar wasnt out yet
    Oh alright . Any chance you might continue to work on this? It looks amazing. Not a lot of horizontal-oriented Dreamboard themes out.
    2011-09-10 08:45 PM
  5. PhanaticD's Avatar
    uhmm maybe, idk i havent rly been doing anything ipod-related recently ive been to addicted to minecraft
    2011-09-10 08:47 PM
  6. monmak2's Avatar
    if (PhanaticD$=="Modding")
    echo "You are a winner";
    echo "Quit playing Minecraft ";
    2011-09-10 08:51 PM
  7. PhanaticD's Avatar
    2011-09-10 09:02 PM
  8. FroYou's Avatar
    Hi JOSH remebeeeer me?
    2011-09-25 07:54 PM
  9. monmak2's Avatar
    Hi JOSH remebeeeer me?
    No, he's forgotten everyone who cares about his incomplete themes. PhanaticD, as a fellow NJersian, I demand you complete the theme for the 4 firmware!!! >
    2011-09-25 07:57 PM
  10. PhanaticD's Avatar
    lol honestly froyou i dont remember.. enlighten me?

    and i will! eventually haha.. right now im wokring on making bluemetals equix theme for dreamboard
    2011-09-25 08:12 PM
  11. FroYou's Avatar
    meh, I made a new account. My last account is dead, forgot the password. I was a member on your ipod-hacks forum :L REMEMBER ME!
    I'm not gonna tell you my last accounts name. BECAUSE YOU ARE! BWHAHA

    Since you're not guessing, I'm mindgem :P
    Last edited by FroYou; 2011-09-25 at 08:26 PM.
    2011-09-25 08:21 PM
  12. PhanaticD's Avatar
    haha too easy =P and u know theres a recover password option
    2011-09-25 08:30 PM
  13. FroYou's Avatar
    o_o no
    2011-09-25 08:38 PM
  14. PhanaticD's Avatar
    2011-09-25 08:40 PM
  15. MindGem's Avatar
    OFC I DO
    2011-09-25 08:43 PM
  16. rjrankin83's Avatar
    please someone port this to iPad
    2011-09-26 09:23 PM
  17. monmak2's Avatar
    Okay PhanaticD, time to port for iOS5. No excuses. Chop chop.
    2011-10-26 06:04 PM
  18. PhanaticD's Avatar
    BLARG i dont even have ios5 yet im still on 4.2.whatver uhhh i havent been able to do any themeing for a while, dont rly feel into it, i need some convinving
    2011-10-31 08:17 PM
  19. PhanaticD's Avatar
    2011-12-09 07:45 AM
  20. Djlatino's Avatar
    remember me :3 ? ?
    2011-12-12 01:14 PM
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