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  1. Lucky 7's Avatar
    hello guys im making a halo theme because there arent good halo themes well i want help for this theme i want your opinion of this take a look a tell me your suggestions.....update hello thats the new version of the theme NEW update now the theme have rotator wallpaper and SBrotator support

    hello guys i have a new update with new icons and a new interface, i add a infiniboard interface with down and up scroll
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    2010-06-06 03:14 AM
  2. ikesmasher's Avatar
    definatly the best halo theme i have seen so far.
    2010-06-06 04:59 AM
  3. Einstein3000's Avatar
    looks cool but is that the homepage?
    Theming, A New Friendship??
    2010-06-06 09:31 AM
  4. Lucky 7's Avatar
    hello Einstein3000 i see that you have made a halo reach theme well maybe you can help to do this theme tell my suggestions
    2010-06-06 06:22 PM
  5. s1l3nt's Avatar
    nice i like the idea just curious on how the icons will match the apps
    2010-06-06 06:55 PM
  6. Lucky 7's Avatar
    well i made a new update now the icons have name
    2010-06-06 09:37 PM
  7. decke's Avatar
    You should try different icons..
    2010-06-06 09:48 PM
  8. Lucky 7's Avatar
    i think that chanche the icons is a good idea but need help to do icons like this
    2010-06-06 09:57 PM
  9. Einstein3000's Avatar
    haha yea i did it was my first theme lol im still not uber good id b cool to combine our ideas tho lol wat do u got so far?

    re: i do like what u got so far.... but for sure gotta change icons.. did u make tht one? i can try my hand at it..
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    Theming, A New Friendship??
    2010-06-07 04:23 AM
  10. Lucky 7's Avatar
    well im working with photoshop recently im not sure ..... no i take it from the page but i want to work with the icon as example for the other icons. ,im thinking in something like apply the style of that icon in a normal icon something like this
    2010-06-07 05:25 AM
  11. Einstein3000's Avatar
    hmm okay i kinda get where your going...
    Theming, A New Friendship??
    2010-06-07 07:02 AM
  12. Lucky 7's Avatar
    well that you think tell your ideas for the new interface

    New interface
    2010-06-08 09:21 PM
  13. Einstein3000's Avatar
    if ur tlkin bout the infinidock one, i like it a bunch but wat happened to the first one?im conflicted cuz the first one u got looks cool and so does the new version of it but the new version just seems to simple but with the new one itd be cool if you had a live weather and clock type widget thing and gave it the halo look (i honestly dont kno if such a thing exists lmao.. but itd look cool but i hnestly think you should do both of them lol they both look cool lol but in the original im not sure i like the whole rank icon thing..idk thts just me lmao..... just my two cents but whatever u decide to go with theyre both great
    Theming, A New Friendship??
    2010-06-23 09:44 AM