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    great site i just jailbreaked my wife's ipod touch 3.1.3 with spirit. in the instructions on the internet it said that after the install was complete load cydia and press the make my life easier to back up my shsh blobs, but i can not find that button in my home page of cydia, so how does one save this and what is this, must be the ipod's backup??

    thanks for any replies
    2010-06-14 06:08 AM
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    If it doesn't say make my life easier, does it say "this device has shsh's on file for 3.1.3" at the top of the Cydia homepage? If so, you're set. (if it was jailbroken before it might already have it saved). It should have either that or 'make my life easier.'. If not, then I don't know what's goin' on.

    It backs up info for the iPod touch on a server that will let you restore that version of firmware after a newer firmware is out (Apple stops allowing older firmwares than the newest one). Usually only necessary if the current version isn't jailbreakable and you need to downgrade to an older (jailbreakable) version.
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    2010-06-15 01:45 AM