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    thanks for the info,still is a lot of going on for the wiper.I wanted to mimic the wiper from Htc,but requiere code for the rain,drops on screen,the wiper and the fadeing efect of the drops when are cleaned.I manage to do it,but the timing for all those things screwed my head,I cant get them to sync.
    Also,it give hell of a lag,eaven on 3GS,cus is to many things going at the same time,and the wiper alone looks bad.
    Maybe in iPhone 4 will work better,still,we have to admit that it doesnt have the ram that Htc have (1gig of mem ram).Wiper have to go for now,iPhone isnt prepared for that,at least for runing on springboard.

    About the question of 'will this work with other widgets?'
    YES...but Im still testing,cus it gets errors when running in real time (online),and not every widget are coded the same way,your widget can give you a cloudy condition,and my html animation display rain or thunders instead of clouds.The other problem is,when merged with a widget,you cant disable the animation unless the widget is disabled in Winterboard,but you dont have any weather at all.
    Runing tgis as a offline plugin is a diferent story,you have the ability to choose what animation you want,and disable them without conflicting or disabling your main widget.This gives you more control,and you can show how Bad Boy is your iPhone to your friends.Eaven in a suny day,you can display thunders or clouds animation,and make your friends jelaus.
    I will provide a demo of this soon for donators.
    An update is comming soon for donators to...this update will start the transition from DUSK to DUSK EVOLUTION.
    Some changes in UI and new features are included,like a new Custom Lockscreen with the ability to display your own lock wallpaper from camera roll,anytime you want,with a nice DUSK frame.

    Sorry for errors on the typo,was typing on my iPhone.
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    2010-07-01 09:45 AM
  2. Raaj FX was banned's Avatar
    Wow Alien , everytime i check back theres something new and exciting , youve taken over ModMyi haha great work man , i hope to see more in the near future
    2010-07-01 10:08 AM
  3. juztiboi's Avatar
    Thx ALIEN for clearing my doubts
    2010-07-01 10:39 AM
  4. idsil's Avatar
    To those who want... reduced autocreate for dusk icon in bronze...


    Attached Thumbnails [Released] DUSK-img_2238.png  
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    2010-07-01 03:00 PM
  5. ALIEN1974's Avatar
    ^^^thanks idsil for sharing.
    This makes it look more clean and less chunky.
    2010-07-01 05:37 PM
  6. Centauri's Avatar
    Just something a little different, clean home screen so I could maximize space for RSS.
    Attached Thumbnails [Released] DUSK-img_0038-1-.png  
    2010-07-01 06:01 PM
  7. ALIEN1974's Avatar


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    2010-07-01 11:59 PM
  8. Centauri's Avatar
    ^ That's hot.
    2010-07-02 12:01 AM
  9. ALIEN1974's Avatar
    I didnt have time for post screenshots from my iPhone,but my wife love it.
    2010-07-02 12:13 AM
  10. Obitron's Avatar
    Its nice to hit the Thanks Button if you have been helped!
    2010-07-02 01:09 AM
  11. whoadizzle's Avatar
    My wife has been waiting...

    I still cant understand why my theme is not see through in these areas I circled??..
    2010-07-02 01:10 AM
  12. anig's Avatar
    TWO THINGS: i HAVE DOWNLOADED THE AUTOcREATE GREEN put them in the uiimages and nothing is happening to my icons

    I cant get the yahoo weather source to work a small question marks shows where the animated image goes?

    I am using the orininal theme with the dusk internals
    2010-07-02 04:26 AM
  13. robertr1's Avatar
    I'm a guy and I still think the wallpaper for the pink theme looks pretty damn cool.
    2010-07-02 04:30 AM
  14. ALIEN1974's Avatar
    The wallpaper,I found that wallpaper searching for fuscia in google images,and saw this,was love at first sight...
    2010-07-02 05:49 AM
  15. xerray's Avatar
    Can someone please help by showing me how to change my statusbar color in info.plist!?
    It Takes One To Know One
    2010-07-02 07:07 AM
  16. Damada's Avatar
    In info.plist look for this <key>TimeStyle</key>
    **<string>/*font-family:*monospace;*font-size:*16px*/*color:*#C89C1D</string>. Replace the colour code (#C89C1D) with the colour you want. You can type the name of certain coulours I believe, or if you have Photoshop you can look up the colour code if your looking for a specific colour.
    2010-07-02 03:14 PM
  17. polo_87's Avatar
    Hello all,

    how can see on DUSK the RSS feed's also on the other screen's and not only on the first page

    2010-07-02 04:38 PM
  18. ziggy7's Avatar
    When are we likely to see 'dusk evolution' Alien..this month?? just curious
    2010-07-02 06:57 PM
  19. Centauri's Avatar
    Hello all,

    how can see on DUSK the RSS feed's also on the other screen's and not only on the first page

    You need to edit the page files in Photoshop and remove the bottom black bar thing off each page that is blocking the RSS underneath.
    2010-07-02 07:10 PM
  20. horsepower27's Avatar
    A quick question.. In os 3.1.3, how do I get the SE Widget or the iClocktopia widget to run on the lockscreen or replace the boring OE clock? I think it would be a really cool touch. Thanks Everyone!!!!
    2010-07-02 09:02 PM
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