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    My jailbroken iPad went into a never-ending boot loop, so I put it in restore mode and in itunes I clicked restore. I'm not sure if this is how I'm supposed to restore it or not, and I haven't updated to itunes 9.2 yet and wasn't sure if that's what was being updated, but after clicking restore, the status bar started downloading a large file that said "Downloading iPad software update" I didn't expect to have to download any software updates so I hit cancel. Is there another way to restore this thing to get it back alive or is that download normal? I've read that spirit users should avoid 9.2.
    2010-06-17 02:29 PM
  2. Imahottguy's Avatar
    There is no current software update for the iPad, so you can restore if you want. Also, as an alternative, you can google "ipad ipsw 3.2 download" and find sources that will let you download the firmware manually. Then to restore to that firmware, hold the shift button and click the restore button in iTunes. This will allow you to pick the firmware file that you want to restore to. Either way, you will be fine.
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    2010-06-17 05:12 PM