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    So I just recently had this problem on my iPad where whenever I power down and then power up the device it will default to be in iPhone mode. I think I'm getting back into iPad mode when I respring, but the play, pause, ffw, rrw, volume, and screen brightness keys on my apple non-iPad docking BT keyboard keys stopped working?? The rest of the keys work fine though. Also, whenever I power down and the power back up the iPad loses all of my icon locations putting them in some weird arrangement.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this without a restore? I am afraid that if I try a restore I will lose my itunes purchased apps, will this happen?

    Update: I feel kinda dumb about the keyboard now. I simply made the iPad forget the pairing with the keyboard then I repaired the two, and voila all the additional keys work again! I am still having the icon location problem after reboot though.
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    2010-06-17 07:13 PM
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    This has been discussed several times, it is an issue with some add ons for MobileSubstrate, not MS itself. The current fix is to do a respiring after boot, like you are doing.
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