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    I used winterboard a couple years ago to create a couple of themes. I haven't done much since, but tonight I had to do a full restore. I reinstalled winterboard, and put my old themes in the var/stash/themes folder. They appear in winterboard, I pick the theme I want, and everything shows up except that the icons are all the default ones, not the ones in the icons folder inside my theme folder.

    What is up with that? I've tried looking at the newer tutorials, and frankly I'm bewildered. Do I need to put these icons somewhere else to have winterboard find them and put them on my springboard?

    Found the solution myself--just toggle it into summerboard mode.
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    2010-06-18 04:22 PM
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    Inside the WinterBoaed app make sure that the "SummerBoard Mode" option is on.
    2010-06-24 06:26 PM