1. jackstevens's Avatar
    I have a non-jailbreaked ipod touch 2nd gen that was running OS 2.2.1. It was working fine but I decided to do a restore and it said it would restore and upgrade it to OS 3.1.3. Well it downloaded it but then got stuck and now itunes doesn't recognize it at all and the screen is stuck with a usb cable picture pointing to an itunes icon. I can turn it off, but then when it turns back on it has that same screen and is never recognized by itunes. What should I do? Thanks for any help!
    2010-06-20 03:27 AM
  2. sopharine's Avatar
    Shall you're using vista/windows 7, go to Device Manager -> Universal Serial Bus controller . Right Click -> Scan for hardware change. If this doesnt work, then uninstall all the instances first before scan for hardware change
    2010-06-21 10:20 AM