1. tlrclay's Avatar
    Okay, so I'm new so if this is in the wrong place...sorry!

    I have a 1G iPod touch (not upgrading until the 3G 8GB touch is out) and I have a couple questions. I want to get iOS4 on my touch. Is there a way I can trick iTunes into thinking I have a 2G or a 3G iPod touch so I can update? I don't really care about the multitasking...I just want folders, backgrounds and the updated mail.

    2010-06-22 01:55 AM
  2. D00mFighteR's Avatar
    no sorry
    2010-06-22 04:55 AM
  3. ebildude123's Avatar
    it's possible. goto iPod, iPhone and iPad Firmware Download and download 4.0 firmware for ipod touch 3G!!! not 2g!!! then, put your ipod in dfu/recovery mode, and install it by holding shift on win and clickin restore or alt on mac, then choose 4.0 firm.
    2010-06-22 07:20 AM
  4. yesman538's Avatar
    this didnt work, are you sure this how to do it? what are your specs ? like what itunes did you use ?
    or any other variables that may factor into this
    2010-06-23 10:18 PM
  5. Fodd1337's Avatar
    He's wrong, there is no way to install iOS 4 on a 1st generation iDevice at this time if ever, sorry.
    Writer/Reporter/Graphic Designer
    2010-06-24 08:04 AM