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  1. lol_release's Avatar
    I installed this jailbroken version on the ios4 on my iphone 3g and it's simply brilliant.

    I installed two applications,

    Five Column Spring Board app
    Five Rows app (doesn't work)

    The program installed is causing the iphone springboard to crash.

    Anyone know of any fix for this I love having 5 icons across.
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    2010-06-22 07:39 PM
  2. ianbroste's Avatar
    Even with 3.xx I had to uninstalled 5 column springboard cause it caused my phone to crash so much. I just have 5 icon dock and my 3gs rarely crashes.
    2010-06-22 08:47 PM
  3. EP1808's Avatar
    To have the 5 icon display you must have a program call Icon Support installed with it. I experienced the same problem. Springboard wont crash if you install winterboard without 5 icon and Icon Support. It was alot easier removing it using the Rock App
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    2010-06-23 04:10 AM
  4. lol_release's Avatar
    so is there anyways to have 5 column and 5 dock with IOS4 right now?
    2010-06-25 08:36 PM