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    Hello, I have been researching for days and came up with nothing about jailbreaking the iPod Touch 2G 8GB MC model. Well, I was wondering if I could do this. Sn0wbreeze just released V1.6 and it supports the iPhone 3GS with Old BootRom, iPod Touch 2G NON MC. It also says in order to use Sn0wbreeze, you have to already be jailbroken. So, If I downgrade to firmware 3.1.2 and jailbreak with blackra1n and then use Sn0wbreeze, do you think that will work?

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    2010-06-24 08:17 PM
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    I was actually just trying your idea right now and came across this topic while i was waiting for 3.1.2 to download (right now 59% done!)

    Im not sure though, When you hit restart and chose the custom iOS 4.0 it may not work cause even tho your idevice is jailbroken it still has the newer bootrom so it may not work.

    Im gona test this theory even tho it has a 30% work| 65% Fail| 5% Brick!!!! (well i was testing anyhow)!!!! DUDE IF THIS WORKS WE WILL BE LIKE LEDGENDS (untill a MC model jailbreak is released)(COMONE DEV TEAM or geohot)!!!!!
    2010-06-25 06:04 AM
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    If it does not support a mc iPod 2g then no it won't work with a mc iPod 2g.
    2010-06-25 06:26 AM
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    Reason is mc bootrom gets errors when installing custom firmware
    2010-06-25 06:29 AM
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    what does the mc mean?
    2010-06-25 10:27 PM
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    what does the mc mean?
    MC = Model C

    There are 3 models:
    MA = 1st Gen
    MB = 2nd Gen
    MC = 3rd Gen

    The 8gb Version of iPod Touch 3rd Gen is actually a 2nd Gen.
    But it has the MC boot-ROM in it (I think?).

    So it would be: iPod Touch 2G MC 8gb 4.0 Firmware
    Also Known As: iPod Touch 3G MC 8gb 4.0 Firmware

    I hope I answered your question!
    2010-06-28 09:21 PM