1. kimhallberg's Avatar
    I'm thinking on one thing, if it's possible to make a slider that overlapps the icons on the homescreen, I know, it might sound crazy, but I've made a theme that i use my self.

    This is how it's looks, it has some nice icons that I found online, anyways, if it's possible, if I can build this.

    If it can overlap the icons and wallpapper, I was tinking probably with jQuery / jQtouch, but I don't know if jQtouch supports multi-touch, if it does, I was thinking that you use two fingers to slide the glass of, so you can go in to your apps, anyone thinking it possible?

    If anyone understands what I'm after here, or else I can give a better explination of what I'm after, or possible and exemple video how I think it sould be like.
    2010-06-28 12:40 AM