1. marcel500's Avatar

    Strange problem here on my side.

    If I try to install an update for an existing (purchased) application, I receive the error message "Cannot Connect to Itunes Store", very bizzare because it was working earlier.

    If I uninstall the application and "purchase" them again from the Itunes Store I do not receive the error message.

    Any ideas, how to fix because this is very annoying.

    Latest version of Cydia is installed.

    2010-06-28 02:14 PM
  2. vectranos's Avatar
    I have same issue on iphone 3.1.3.
    My itunes account is ok because i can install new applications over appstore on iphone but i cant see updates at all.

    2010-07-07 11:41 PM
  3. Ted's Avatar
    I have same problem iPhone 3G 4.0 Redsn0w + Unlock. Except I can't even go to settings and login under app store icon. Doesn't login and creat a new account says can't connect to app store. I hope someone has a clew cause I don't. I thought it might be because when I restored to 4.0 in iTunes it did everything it was supposed to except when it says restored wait for phone to connect to store after restore it gave me a error 1556 or something and then shows the need to connect to iTunes with USB cable. I then just jailbroke with the files I down loaded Redsn0w + Ipswich 4.0 it worked fine so I thought every thing works perfect except not much is ready for the 4.0 update!!!!! Please help I need more music from iTunes. I'm using aTube it works alright....anyone have a clue how to connect to App Store or iTunes ???? THANKS !!!!!

    Also does anyone have a clew if they plan to get infinite dock and verticle dock going for 4.0 ??????
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    2010-07-22 03:15 PM