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    hi guys

    i wonder if someone could shed some light on a prob i seem to be having

    got my ipad yest and jailbroke.using cydia i downloaded iconoclasm,the 7x7 update for iconoclasm and shrink.

    i want 7x7 icons on my page(s)

    the problem is my homepage has 9 icons on it,page 2 has 20 icons on it and page 3 has 9 icons on it.all three pages have 7 going across but why arent the pages getting filled up?i have 3 pages when they all could/should fit on one page.i cant move the icons between pages,i hold until they shake and try and drag to the previous page but they fly back.

    what am i doing wrong?
    is there some setting i have missed in iconoclasm or shrink?

    thanks for any help you can offer,its driving me mad
    2010-07-03 03:53 PM