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  1. blaker1313's Avatar
    Well i must say this one cath's my eye and would love to see a custome front page with somekind of really nice weather widget, i would def donate, thanks for all your time and effort, weather widget on first page would make me VERY happy, great work!
    2010-08-20 05:18 AM
  2. Cody Overcash's Avatar
    very clean in the previews so far. will look forward to this
    2010-08-20 05:21 AM
  3. astrosplatt's Avatar
    This still in the works?
    2010-08-20 03:44 PM
  4. blu3frost's Avatar
    This still in the works?
    Don't think so. There hasn't been an update for time.
    2010-08-20 04:14 PM
  5. Ice9812's Avatar
    Thanks very much Now theres an incentive to keep on going if ever i saw one much appreciated matey

    some more UI elements on show?

    this is another one i'm unsure of. Considering dropping the solid background to the semi-transparent black. Will keep you guys informed

    wow this looks great i hope you finish this one i used to use the Macish 2.0 and helped people make icons for it.

    one question does anyone know what image does the background in the setting app for the area behind the text not the wallpaper in the background?
    If I Helped You Hit The Thanks Button
    2010-08-25 02:07 AM
  6. kadernal's Avatar
    lol was probably expecting to have a white i4 to put this theme on.

    sad really. this is one of the classiest looking themes ive seen for the iphone.
    2010-08-25 02:12 AM
  7. Pronup's Avatar
    ^^ I agree, this is one of the classiest themes I've seen.

    It's going to be such a waste if it doesn't get finished!!!!!
    2010-08-25 02:50 AM
  8. receptive's Avatar
    oh this is sick. very clean and almost futuristic looking. can't wait for final version!
    2010-08-25 08:08 PM
  9. Red_Sun's Avatar
    ive been waiting a while on this and i still think it looks amazing. cant wait untill it comes out. it would suck to see this work go to waste
    JB FTW!
    2010-08-30 09:57 AM
  10. ubernick95's Avatar
    It looks clean, very spotless
    What's unique about it is that it could be a official replacement for iphone's normal UI, because it seems as though Apple could've designed it that's how great it is. Is it going to be paid or free?
    2010-09-08 02:00 AM
  11. Pronup's Avatar
    It's not going to be at all. I think the creator has given up on it which is an injustice!!!!!!
    2010-09-08 02:54 AM
  12. blindfreek's Avatar
    FINALLY! A white theme! u sir are my teh win lol. I have the white iCarbon full white conversion, so this theme would look sweeeett!

    I wanna beta test when donation time comes around!
    2010-09-08 10:16 PM
  13. iNT3Rv3NTiONZz's Avatar
    Wow looks nice, Id like to see the icons for this having the same basic template, most mac themes tend to be random shaped images and I'm not a fan of that tbh, doesn't look as neat

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    2010-09-09 12:34 AM
  14. Pronup's Avatar
    Why oh Why did this theme have to die!!!!
    2010-10-20 05:25 AM
  15. shitaki's Avatar
    Same =( I hope its still going!! and can implement the new springjumps!
    2010-10-20 06:30 AM
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