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    AFterHours 1.0

    THEME LIVE ON ROCK!!!!! SUBMITTED TO CYDIA!!!! Trial Version Live on Cydia along with the SBSettings! Complete theme is compatible with 3.0, 4.0 and most works for iPhone4! $1.99 for the complete theme to help with keeping my wife quite! LMAO!

    Here we have a extremly sleek theme being created by me Free-Apple and TC CENTEX!!! Ground up Visions is the title of my graphics designs and I am here at MMI to bring a whole new element of themes! This Theme is now in Beta testing stages and is being converted to be 4.0 compatible! Big thanks to TCCentex and Halten77 for all his help within the theme and here on MMI! This theme is complete with just about everything possible skined is and if it is'nt write me and Ill see what I can do! Now there are Two sets of icons and Two sets of Auto icons! The set that is going to come default with have around 200 icons and I will take any request to make shure all icons ppl want or have become taken care of . If you like to just have a frame Switch Icons and the auto icon should take care of most! PSD included! Wallpaper alt, Dock, alt, three different ways to use lockscreen! Weather widget, Userlockscreen, and normal with battery! Any request will be taken into consideration and If over 100 ppl request color schemes I will do so!

    The widget in this theme is able to be turn on and off in winterboard "seperate file" and will have many other options for users. Other then the widgets this is a plug in play theme! If you want to use the widgets iBlank and lockscreen clock hide is suggested both FREE from Cydia!

    As we can see here at the lockscreen we have a beutiful widget with a nice digital clock in the middle. This also has your current weather, temp, location and date.

    When the widget is turned off you have three option "normal, widget, or an overlay which will enable the user to use the stock settings and apply ther pictures but have a nice frame.

    The springboard or homepage for plug in go users will have the options for widgets, shelves, as well as just background. There will be full set of icons also with an icon autoskin which takes care of most icons that I miss. I will aslo include the PSD file for those who like to make their own.

    For advanced users there will be a nav theme with springjumps, iblank, catagories, and will have four main icons per page. I am also going to add the drawer effect from HTC's which Alien discovered how to apply to the iphone.

    This theme will be complete with UIImages, sounds, popups, and many many apps since I like themes to be as complete as possible I will make shure I try to at least to all stock apps able to do so.

    Check out the scrrenshots below ....there is also a chatkit and compass but these need to be tested by a phone user I used SIP to skin the phone so some things might need to be adjusted there as well, but have this taken care of at final release!!

    AfterHours is the Official Name!!!


    Winner is Halten77 who also converted this theme to be compatible with 4.0. Big Thanks to him for that as well

    Video of AfterHours in Action Thanks to TCCentex!!!
    Remember this is a screen video some images may seem pixilated but believe me they are very very clean on your device this is simply to show the extent of the theme!

    LockScreen and unlock keypad

    Media Player Skin

    Home Screen, New AfterHour Icons, Clock

    Home Screen, Second set of icons, Clock,& with auto icons in action!

    PopUp Images

    SB Pro with slide controls "hud" and lcd controlls


    Phone app...

    Timer app



    Weather day and night

    Weather and UI Search

    SBSettings....SBsettings Dock and resring image


    Color Schemes! iNav and extra widgets

    red color scheme

    The original ideas came from here How to Create a Highly Detailed Hi-Tech Power Button | Psdtuts+
    Big thanks to them for the tutorial! All original work will NOT reflect at the final product. The theme is subject to change

    Attached Thumbnails Illuminated - Preview - Distraught-lockscreen.png  
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    2010-07-08 04:56 AM
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    I'm liking the colors.

    But IMO that big "logo" with the clock should be placed in the lockscreen and taken out of the spring board.

    Like the icon btw (;
    2010-07-08 05:13 AM
  3. King Shady's Avatar
    looks like z's icons without the color
    2010-07-08 09:37 AM
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    Ok first off sorry if i offended anyone by using that button in my M-Phone CONCEPT, that said I wanted to let you all know that I personally dont feel that I deserve this golden title (Not for the M-Phone Concept at least) I have no idea whether I got this title because of my two previous themes or because of the concept. But before everything blew up so large maybe I hsould have made more clear my intentions. I never planned on using that button in the final design. It started out as me wanting to see how it looked on a phone. After maybe a week or so though I could see that it wasnt going anywhere at all however. As to whether I just pulled the final Picture in to Photoshop (The Half answer is YES) I used it as a quick mockup for the tut and gave rights to Kaiser Sosa. Later I went back and did over the Illustrator section and parts of the Ps part (i didnt need it all because I was going to fill it in with black then use dodge and burn and various layer styles to get it how it ended up being.
    I would just like it if you could get rid of the Main power Button. I believe it isn't good for you guys to use something that because of me isnt exactly a good symbol on this forum or in the community. I am working seperately from FreeApple and Nuckin and everyone else and to come back to the forum for the first time in a few days and to see you guys bashing me HARD when they are going to be using my Concept is really Harsh.
    I honestly cant believe that they would do something like that after they were trying to help me, but oh well I dont care THAT much.
    And why would i need to know HTML for themeing.. Some of the most downloaded themes on Cydia are just plug n play themes with just icons ui and a wallpaper.

    I guess the end summary for this whole rant is this: Sorry for being an a** (Kind of) and not pleasing you all. Im sorry for offending people by getting a Gold title in less than a month. In all honesty im sorry for ever entering here on MMi because since i have joined, i have got nothing but grief over stuff. My LePhone OS Edition theme has 2100+ Downloads in about 3 weeks and for that im proud. My Finality OS Theme is on Rock right now completely Approved. The only thing im not proud of is this concept, not only is it subpar quality of work on my part it isn't what I wanted when I started the theme.
    So guys just dont be so harsh on me. After posting those two threads i spent more time thinking about the theme and after i while i realized I didnt want to make it, not in the current form of it. You guys should be able to expect it in a couple weeks once I am done doing what needs to be done and im happy with it, i simply dont have enough patience to sit at home on photoshop instead of going to work spending time with the family or friends.

    EDIT// As I check back at this thread If I see any big similarities between my theme and this one ill rectify them. Because even though this was originally mine i still want to be the one who has the difference here, lets consider it a friendly competition shall we?
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    How much would you like me to release what this theme actually looks like? I actually finished it already and it looks WAY different than the old thread... Doesnt even have the big ole icon in there.
    Just felt that it should be more for me than anyone else.
    ??????????? U confuse me man!!!! IDK what you want or anyone else for that matter i was just trying to help and i finish what i start and dont do things half *** so thats why iam here...
    2010-07-08 10:02 AM
  6. AnthonyGiola's Avatar
    Last tip before I sign off... Get that middle button aligned with whatever you are going to use as the backdrop. Right now it doesnt mesh well with the background and honestly it just looks tacked on. Ultimate goal of anything, make it look at either ends of an extreme, to be in the middle of something is uncertainty and therefore error. The extremes in this case being balance and metallic looks
    2010-07-08 10:48 AM
  7. edoutmax's Avatar
    Raptors is right, the springboard should be the Lockscreen. Looks awesome though.
    2010-07-08 03:01 PM
  8. FreeApple's Avatar
    I agree with Raptors too! I have actually already made that change and when I release I will have two folders that anybody can switch "springboard or lockscreen" your choice!

    I will update this later I have a lot of work to do with Black0ut OS right now! Thanks hope to hear more!

    And Viollent shure man no problem! I understand I am just trying to cop that title as well!

    The friendly comp is on!!!
    2010-07-08 11:47 PM
  9. AnthonyGiola's Avatar
    Here is my first attempt at the Springboard for My Transformation theme!

    Obviously the color scheme is Red and Black, and I want the metallic mesh look to it so i made a quick pattern of blocks and a quick pattern of circles and walla! A bit of tweaking and this happened
    Im going to win this Competition! No way you are
    You know both of these themes are going to benefit from this because its a comp right?
    2010-07-09 04:00 AM
  10. FreeApple's Avatar
    HAHAHA NEW UPDATE!!! LMAO Viiolent do you see what your going up aginst? Look at the pics!!! I will defeat you u have no chance! its like throwin snoballs at the devil
    2010-07-09 08:32 PM
  11. AnthonyGiola's Avatar
    lmao wtf?
    k then... You do realize you have done more work on it rght? I have done maybe an hour and a half total. LOL
    2010-07-09 09:01 PM
  12. FreeApple's Avatar
    its all friendly fire man Iam just havin fun now ...finally!
    2010-07-09 09:27 PM
  13. lazardj's Avatar
    nice m8 i like new screenshots
    2010-07-09 09:42 PM
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    Iam trying some new actionscript to try and give the clock some cool animation such as the numbers spining in instead of just showing up...if anybody has any info on this please fill me in!....thanks ppl
    2010-07-10 02:17 AM
  15. AnthonyGiola's Avatar
    I think me and Snow's version just won...
    Yous does look really awesome though!
    maybe not so much widget reliance? and maybe make it a iNav sort of theme?
    2010-07-10 07:22 AM
  16. AnthonyGiola's Avatar
    I asked for Kaiser Sosa's permission. He gave permissions as long as it is free. And i canceled my version of the theme. Chill out emperor and read through stuff!!! You need to read through other posts. That link was posted at least 5 times on 2 other threads.
    And besides it doesnt apply if freeapple applies enough changes. So chill. here is what im starting. Its not even close to done but just chill dude!

    If a mod is reading this please delete his post as i dont want freeapples thread cluttered with this stuff!!!!

    Plus if you get annoying its just as easy to post a comment citing the fair use trade. No Commercial profit is going to be gained unless FreeApple decides that he needs to change that part of theme out!
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    2010-07-10 10:44 AM
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    How about you call it PSD.TUTS+, because this is their design, did you guys even asked for permission, or gave them credit for it????? shame on you and Viiolent.HD

    HERE IS THE LINK How to Create a Highly Detailed Hi-Tech Power Button | Psdtuts+
    DONT BE AN IDIOT! BEFORE U SPEAK YOU SHOULD READ AND STOP BEING ILLITERATE! Sombody alreay called him out so I was asked by other members to continue and if you notice the theme is changing and Obviously i can make those graphcs look at the springboard photo witht the clock underlay!!! Same graphics different shape no tutorial on how to do that is there? Shame on you for saying I do not put anywork into this cause your dead wrong I have over 15 psd files full of hard WORK!

    Anyway Viiolent that looks great man! I am now starting to get worried!LMAO U might get this one now ppl really like that carbon look! gotta get to work on mine be back later with some updates!
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    2010-07-10 03:54 PM
  18. SirTimothy1's Avatar
    2010-07-10 04:06 PM
  19. xTianD's Avatar
    Here is my first attempt at the Springboard for My Transformation theme!

    Obviously the color scheme is Red and Black, and I want the metallic mesh look to it so i made a quick pattern of blocks and a quick pattern of circles and walla! A bit of tweaking and this happened
    Im going to win this Competition! No way you are
    You know both of these themes are going to benefit from this because its a comp right?
    I can't believe this guy.. LMFAO...Sorry, but Im pretty sure you did not made that wallpaper...lol... Its not even a good wallpaper...

    BTW, here's your quote from your 'Coming Soon. "M" (Previously Called Maginot)'before you were busted for using Kaiser Sosa's tutorial sample and claiming its yours.. hahaha

    "Strangely Enough I made i byaccident while I was making a Circular gradient... I made one with pure black with a white center gradient. and wasnt paying atention and accidently applied Filter>Artisitic>Watercolor
    It made that. I WAS LIKE WOAH

    Here is the PSD for the icon... Im not sure if it going to be the final Icon set but oh well it does look nice

    Oopppsss... Not sure where it went but I cant find my PSD. Think its in trash... Heres a blank PNG of it though. It still works good and in a way better becuz the PSD made the red become see through when you insert an icon"


    EDIT: Sorry FreeApple for posting this in your thread... but I just cant hold it...Im really sorry..

    How about you call it PSD.TUTS+, because this is their design, did you guys even asked for permission, or gave them credit for it????? shame on you and Viiolent.HD

    HERE IS THE LINK How to Create a Highly Detailed Hi-Tech Power Button | Psdtuts+
    Before you comment on anything be sure you read...
    Start here..
    Coming Soon. Maginot
    and here
    [PREVIEW] The M-Phone

    You're doing a great job man for salvaging this theme...Great job.. go ahead and finish this one...Forget Violent he's not even worth mentioning..
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    2010-07-10 05:50 PM
  20. FreeApple's Avatar
    Its ok XTianD ..... he does have his own thread on this though Transformation....I wish an Admin would step in and settle this once and for all because I have nothing to hide!!! PSD anybody? I got em all day! look at the original tut from psd tuts on the highly detailed power button and now look at my screenshots....all I have used is the idea like Alien and his HTC themes such as Dusk! But just like Alien it is all original work and I can prove it!!!

    Anybody doughting me call me out NOW or forever hold your peace ppl!
    2010-07-10 05:56 PM
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