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    Hi all, ok a realy dumb question can somebody please tell me where and which file i have to put into my iphone via ifunbox ? ie ive just downloaded eightos trials and all the other relevant bits u need from cydia, but i just need to no which file from eightos goes where? also when i open/unrar the downloded eightos there seems to be lots of files, which one goes where?

    Sorry to be dumb and hope to get some help soon as cant find the correct instructions on here

    P-S If helps ive downloaded the EightOs deep blue file trial ? Thankyou All
    Mnay thanks and hope to hear very very soon from brian
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    2010-07-09 06:55 PM
  2. Simtech's Avatar
    You need to follow the instructions listed on the theme's thread.
    2010-07-09 07:44 PM
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    Hi ive done that but it dosent tell you which file within the eightos download i should be moving to my iphone ? please anybody help me as i dont want to move all the files incase i damage something, and after all i am a newbie and thought other iphone users would help

    Cheers for your advice anyway

    Brian p-s and i did say i was dumb , lol oh well
    2010-07-09 07:57 PM
  4. Simtech's Avatar
    It says right on the first message in the thread to download the setup.pdf file to show you how to install. Go to the theme thread....
    2010-07-10 03:49 AM