1. hiroshi2's Avatar
    My phone crashed and I had to restore. I had jailbroken it with spirit. I am now running ios 4. After the new Jailbreak comes out would it be a bad idea to restore my Cydia apps with PKGBackup, and instead download them again manually through Cydia.
    2010-07-13 03:43 AM
  2. Mes's Avatar
    Personally, I would install the primary apps manually one at a time, especially those known to require mobile substrate and/or needing a respring or reboot (ie: backgrounder, winterboard, activator, SBSettings, etc, etc)

    Once these primary apps are installed, the remaining ones should restore easily. JMHO
    2010-07-13 03:51 AM
  3. ukhellfire's Avatar
    Especially as some of the apps on cydia arent iOS4 compatible yet... I would do as Mes said, and once done them, install you most wanted ones first. Only because some apps are dependant on other apps, which may cause your springboard to crash... If that makes sense?? Lol...
    2010-07-13 04:26 AM