1. valkyrierider's Avatar
    I jailbroke my ipad and it seemed to work fine, I use it for a few days. Then there was an app I had bought on Itunes on my pc I wanted. I hooked up the Ipad to the pc but it it says it sees it but something is wrong and cannot connect properly. I tried a factory restore in dfu mode but after that I have the same problem. Done the restore several times but no luck. I have a mac and tried the restore and it worked and was able to sync and everything. I hooked it back up the my PC which has all the stuff on it but I get the same problem. It will not connect proper even after a restore on the pc no matter what.

    Any ideas and if I cant fix it, if I bring it in to apple after I restore it and sync some file on the mac will they be able to tell it was jailbroken?

    #1 I want it to work on my pc.
    2010-07-13 02:15 PM
  2. chronzz's Avatar
    just restore it and take it to apple to get it replaced, as long as you do a dfu restore apple will never know you jb ur ipad.
    2010-07-13 05:07 PM
  3. valkyrierider's Avatar
    What I am worried about is that after a restore from the dfu mode on the pc it still doesn't work. This is after I do the same thing on my Mac which does work. It seems that if it works on the Mac it should then work on the pc afterwords...but it doesn't. So I'm not sure that they won't be ably tl tell
    2010-07-13 05:47 PM
  4. chronzz's Avatar
    maybe try reinstalling itunes on the windows pc and if all fails try on a fresh copy of windows and itunes and if all fails you might need to change your pc.
    2010-07-13 09:48 PM