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    I am not sure what I did to get to this point, but games with splash videos kind of hangs when starting. I *think* this started after I installed and then removed iFile. I also installed Categories, but uninstalled it right away without ever setting any folders up.

    One example is GT Racing Academy HD. The game starts up and then it looks like it is trying to open a video player to play the intro video. Player controls flash briefly and then the spinning wait cursor is seen. Tapping the screen skips the "video" and the game begins. I'd like to figure this out so the intros play correctly. I appreciate your time and advice.

    My guess is maybe the file associations got mixed up some way and the iPad is trying to play the videos using and external player and not within the game itself?


    Looks to be working now. I powered it off and restarted and now it is working. I still see the video controls blink quickly, the wait cursor spins briefly and then the video starts. I thought i had tried resetting, but maybe not.

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