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    OK well it looks like a couple people have used the template and script I designed. So I decided I would make another. This one is of a Standing iPhone in it dock and a nice reflection. I have listed the same step below on how to do it as the previous template, BUT I have added a couple other side notes for the standing up version.

    Well I've seen everyones great new themes for summerboard and other programs and everyone seems to show off their screen shot as just a simple image. Well I decided that perhaps people might be interested in a nice way to show off your themes/screenshots.

    I designed a Photoshop template for manipulating your screenshots and placing them in a nice scene with the phone. To explain what I mean here is a little description.

    Essentially all you have to do is open my simple template file and load the action script. Place your image on the correct layer and run the action. It will manipulate your screenshot and place it on the phone. Check out what I mean in the tutorial below.

    Step 1
    - First you need to download the .psd template and the .atn action script.

    Download the laying down template.psd


    ---- AND/OR

    Download the standing template.psd


    ---- AND

    (right click and save as)

    Step 2
    - Go ahead and open the template (SSTemplate-2.psd standing) in Photoshop. You should get this.(not actual size below)

    Step 3
    - Take your screenshot on your phone and load it into Photoshop.(not actual size below)

    Step 4
    - Copy and Paste your screenshot into the appropriately labeled layer in the SSTemplate-2.psd.(screenshot needs to be full size 320x480)

    Step 5
    - Now load the action script from the "action" palette. Browse to where you saved the file. Once loaded find the "IPHONE WARP > SCREEN SHOT STANDING" action and run it by pressing play.(make sure you have the layer with your screenshot selected)

    Finished Product
    - And then, well, your done.(at least you should be) Your final image should look like something below.

    Here are some samples of themes around the forum. (Hope you guys/gals don't mind. I chose these because I like them.)


    View the original how to and template HERE!

    Well I hope this might be of use to some of you. It will help to show off some of those awesome themes out there now. This is version #2 and I do plan on making a few different versions, as I shot the photo of the phone myself and have other angles. If people like this and the idea I'll make some more. Perhaps this could be a decent sticky if people use it. Enjoy!
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    2007-09-27 07:51 PM
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    Nice! Thanks!!! I like the standing up one
    2007-09-27 09:56 PM
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    Gangster. Love it. Good stuff you got going on here.
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    2007-09-29 08:50 PM
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    can't get this to work, I have photoshop on windows xp. It won't let paste directly onto the Place your image here spot.

    Never mind I had to put it above the Place Here and then merge down.
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    this is the coolest photoshop action ever.. PLAIN AND SIMPLE...


    here is mine..
    2007-09-30 05:53 AM
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    haha iPhone + PocketTweets
    2007-10-12 08:55 PM
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    Thanx metratox for fantastic work here. Love to have more of these.

    The first template was absolutely perfect. The standing one shows un-smooth lines once completed. Any adjustment possible?
    2007-10-16 05:48 AM
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    Sometimes its tough based on the original screen shot. If it has real thin 1 pixel lines sometimes the manipulation can make it rough and jagged.

    I have some more photos I'm gonna create scripts for here soon.

    I'm actually hoping to start a small little site with my themes and scripts.
    2007-10-16 04:36 PM
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    Any news on new angles etc.?
    2007-12-23 01:13 PM
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    THanks mad propz, i u used your other template, i like this 1 better, again many thanks. keep up the good work.
    2007-12-24 12:58 AM
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    Sorry for bumping this old thread up, but the links aren't working for me.

    Can someone please upload them again? Thanks!
    2008-06-12 06:06 PM
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    Sorry for bumping this old thread up, but the links aren't working for me.

    Can someone please upload them again? Thanks!
    The links are not working for me either. Can someone please re-upload ?
    2009-03-27 03:53 AM