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    Before anyone bashes me for not searching the web, i did. But cannot find the solutions for my problems. so i'll talk about both problems here and hope to get an answer on this.

    Problem 1:

    I got an iPad 3g with firmware 3.2. I jailbroke it using Spirit, and "made my life easy on Cydia" by telling it to save my SHSH. It had pending request.

    Then i decided to save the SHSH blob myself on locally using Tinyumbrella, What i missed to do was to choose which blob to save using the advanced options. I just click Save my SHSH. And thought i was done with it.

    Then yesterday, my iPad was stuck on apple logo for 30 hours. So i decided to restore firmware back to 3.2. I Used both methods, using sauriks address on hosts file AND using TSS server on tiny umbrella. Both failed. Then i realized that when i displayed my SHSH on tiny umbrella, it showed blobs were saved for 3.2.1. So that was a lost cause. So i just went on and updated my iPad to 3.2.1 as i needed to make use of it urgently.

    So my question here is, Cydia said there was pending my request of saving SHSH , does that mean my SHSH for 3.2 are still there on Cydia, how can i check and downgrade to 3.2 as jailbreak is very important to me.

    Problem 2:

    When i was trying to restore to firmwares downloaded on my machine, when i clicked Alt + restore in iTunes on Snow Leaopard 10.6.3. Both the firmwares were greyed out, like i was not allowed to use them. I have had this problem with some iphone firmwares earlier as well. So im confused what is wrong here, as i can restore them using Windows.

    I searched the web for this, but i never found , probably im searching the wrong query.

    Any help on the above issues will be very much appreciated.

    2010-07-23 09:20 AM