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    If you look at my Mac osx iPad theme you'll see it's actuarially quite easy to theme icons.

    iPad icons are at a pixel resolution of 72px so you will notice that when searching through your /root files there will be lots of files with this number in it which will act as a good indicator as to wether or not the particular file is a iPad only file.

    To theme icons go to:-

    for all stock and cydia apps note that the numbers and letters that follow varies for each user
    for all AppStore apps

    Now locate the app you'd like to theme, open it and then open the folder "*appname.app" and change via ssh or iFile the "icon-72.png" and "icon-iPad.png" for ipad icons or for some icons that aren't ipad ready "Icon.png"

    Here are three examples notice how in each example there are other versions of the icons formatted for other devices eg iPhone 4 :-

    1. icon.png (This is the icon for facebook which is not iPad ready yet)

    2. icon-iPad.png (Here is the icon from iBooks.app)

    3. icon-72.png (This is the stock iTunes icon note how there is both a "icon-72.png" and a "icon.png")

    For app overlays navigate to
    App overlays are basically the shadows that are automatically added to all AppStore icons which you never really notice until you start to play around with theme.
    (if you look at my example theme at the top of this post you will see that the "iBooks" icon still has the overlay and shadow)

    And you're looking for the "AppIconMask-72.png" , "AppIconShadow-72.png" and "AppIconOverlay-72.png"

    Now if youd like to change the slide to unlock bars youll find them here

    What you're look for in here is "bottombarknobgrey.png" and "bottombarknobgreyT.png" which are the unlock sliders
    Also there you will find "bottombarknobred.png" and "bottombarknobgreen.png"which are the slide to power off

    Never delete the originals
    Rather rename them to "icon-72.pn" basically deleting the g in png

    Now if you've made a theme they go here


    i Will be posting more info on other things you can theme and there locations soon. if there are any requests don't hesitate to PM me.

    And please hit Thanks if this info is useful to you or has helped in anyway
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    Very helpful post..I have been waiting for someone to give a tutorial on how to theme the iPad..I will now get to working on a theme..thx and keep the info coming..
    2010-07-28 07:11 PM
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    You welcome there were just so many people asking about it so I decided to investigate fir myself
    If you like or this has help anyone please hit thanks
    2010-07-28 07:28 PM
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    As a fellow n00b, I thank you greatly for this. Too bad I have to wait for the jb for 3.2.1 to come out
    2010-07-31 01:09 PM
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    Finally... an expert shows us noobs the way. Thanks for the tutorial Double post sorry
    2010-08-07 01:30 PM
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    Wait so u can only theme by replacing the original files? U can't use winter board? I heard that when u use winter board the icons don't look right. Is this true? Thanks!
    2010-08-29 11:08 PM