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    Just jailbroke my ipad 3.2.1 via jailbreakme and installed and paid for BTStack Keyboard, which on Cydia does say that it supports the ipad.

    When I tried to pair the apple wireless keyboard which I just bought with BTStack Keyboard, it wouldn't pair and on the ipad it says "Connection Failed! Please make sure that is is still discoverable." I know the Apple Wireless Keyboard is in pairing mode because it keeps flashing its green light three times, which I think is "pair mode."

    Why am I unable to pair my apple wireless keyboard with BTStack Keyboard? I hate to think I paid for an app that doesn't work. Thanks.
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    Dude. Just use the preinstalled Bluetooth that comes with every iOS device..

    BTStack Keyboard is such a waste of cash...
    2010-08-07 06:52 AM
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    Dude. Just use the preinstalled Bluetooth that comes with every iOS device..

    BTStack Keyboard is such a waste of cash...
    Dude, you are missing the point. I am trying to do that so that I can use the mouse as well. If you use BTStack mouse (bt stack anything), you can't use iOS bluetooth for anything else. (I've used this same keyboard with the iOS bluetooth with no problems, it's not like I don't realize that)

    I want to use a wireless keyboard AND wireless mouse with the ipad. I keep hearing and reading that it is being done, and with the wireless keyboard being the Apple Wireless Keyboard, but I can't seem to pair it with BT Stack Keyboard so I can accomplish what I want.

    Anyone else what the deal is? Or is it that I simply wasted money on BTStack Keyboard? I really want to use a wireless keyboard and mouse at the same time with the ipad. Thanks.
    2010-08-07 09:17 PM
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    It can be done, but it is sorta flaky at times.

    For the first couple days I had things setup, I would have to pair the mouse first, and only then would it see the keyboard as a keyboard and not a generic bluetooth device.

    For some reason, it just randomly changed on me, and now I must pair the keyboard first for the mouse to work.

    Basically what I've discovered, if the keyboard/mouse app displays your device but with a generic blue bluetooth icon, it just wont work.
    It has to query the device properly and show with the keyboard or mouse icon.

    So on the times I pair the mouse, enter the keyboard app and see the blue icon, i just hit SBsettings and reboot, then try again.
    Generally by the second try it works. Sometimes it takes more, and I end up just getting pissed and giving up for the time being.

    I've also noticed that if a device is discoverable to show in the list, but goes to sleep in the 6 or so seconds you have to pair, then it won't be able to query the name and thus the icon never changes from generic.
    When that happens I typically now just reboot right away to save the chance of both not working.

    A word of advice however, every RDP client i've used so far will not work with both devices like this :{
    The RDP clients have built in keyboard support, which of course will not work with BTstack at the same time.

    (Note I haven't yet tried rdesktop with X11... X11 is a huge project in and of itself, for another rainy day)
    I also haven't tried iSSH, as $10 is a bit much to waste if it won't work with both either.

    My current 'best effort' setup for iPhone uses the built in bluetooth for keyboard support, and the touch screen instead of a mouse.
    For iPad I use the reverse, mouse support with BTstack and onscreen keyboard (Since touch typing is actually possible)
    EDIT: oops, I meant for iphone I use btstack keyboard (without mouse), not built in.

    I'm sure that isn't the news you wanted to hear, but at least might save you some money and frustrations for the time being.
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    Thanks for the helpful response dissy. The whole point was to use it for RDP, probably have to wait until (if) Apple decides to allow bluetooth keyboard and mouse at the same time with iOS bluetooth.

    Damn it, I might have to suck it up and buy a keyboard dock since I know the keyboard dock works in connection with BTStack mouse...but that means when I go RDP, I have to view it vertical when I want to view horizontal...and I really want to use this wireless keyboard that I bought specifically for the iPad...oh well, thanks...
    2010-08-09 04:48 PM
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    Well, I just had a major success today getting both the mouse and keyboard working with RDP!!!

    So, the pairing issues above are still there, but once I get both paired, I previously reported you can't use the combination together with RDP.

    Just figured out how to do it.

    Edit: Just to clarify, the below steps are within the RDP app. Not to be confused with bluetooth connections and settings etc. oops

    First, in the connection settings, you need to enable 'wireless keyboard'
    This adds an extra mode to the pop-up keyboard button that we need.

    Now, connect like normal. The mouse will work fine, but the bluetooth keyboard won't.

    Click the keyboard button so the button turns from white to black and your onscreen keyboard pops up.
    Now, click the lower right 'hide keyboard' button.

    With the wireless keyboard switch on, the button will now Stay black and enabled. In this mode, the bluetooth keyboard works!
    You can click that button again to turn it white and disable all key input.

    With the wireless keyboard option switch off (as I had it before), hiding the onscreen keyboard would make the keyboard button go white and disable input.

    Yeay! Just thought I'd share
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