1. Doreen's Avatar
    You're very welcome...
    2010-10-17 11:22 PM
  2. Kikimasu's Avatar
    Best looking theme around, thanks Stereo, Doreen, Dara and Bababooey for all, amazing job!
    2010-10-17 11:29 PM
  3. aaron13071's Avatar
    One last question, I have read this entire thread 3 times,lol, And I came across the folder background that Dara posted a whike back, I downloaded that but noticed I already have it in my theme folder but when I open the folders I have for example my games folder , It only shows a black background, But in my themes folder it IS the orange one like on the 1st page, do you know why that background will not change?
    2010-10-17 11:30 PM
  4. Doreen's Avatar
    I'm going to take a guess that you updated your OS to 4.1 recently? (I'm still on 4.0) I could have sworn I read somewhere something about the Folder BG not being skinnable or having some issues but I'm not certain aaron...

    Okay here's wind and smoke or haze weather Stereo what do you think? (don't pay attention that it says cloudy on top I'm tweaking the scripts to test the animations right now so it's not valid)

    [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6F0LAi8GTH0[/ame] [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXdhiL4KlpY[/ame]
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    2010-10-18 12:11 AM
  5. mrjsantos's Avatar
    Doreen this weather theme is coming out amazing.. Does the background images change to the weather outside as well as the animations and will this weather theme only work with ios4? Thank you
    2010-10-18 01:41 AM
  6. Doreen's Avatar
    Thank you mrjsantos, yesss that's exactly what it does I have (49) images that change to the weather in your location and several customized animations that run on top I'm working on the Lightning one right now so when you have lightning in your area and the weather updates you will see a different wallpaper "along" w/ lightning strike animations. I will post the vid in a min. I cannot believe how well this one came out! (I think I reallyyy got lucky on the lightning one!)

    Oh and yes I'm designing these on an iPhone 4 so they look amazing in HD (in the vids they look horrible but atleast it gives everyone an idea of how they will look on their devices) However someone posted they are using my other animated weather themes on a 3Gs. So yes it will work on both devices though they will look much better on the iP4
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    2010-10-18 01:48 AM
  7. Stereo89's Avatar

    I think that some lines for the appearance of the wind is a good idea...like these (you can cut, resize, rotate, ecc)...

    However, if you can think of something I can help you, just say!

    And THANK YOU for the thanks!!! xD
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    2010-10-18 02:06 AM
  8. Doreen's Avatar
    Yeah I've got quite a few ideas up my sleeve. I'm not done w/ the lightning yet I want to make the second strike light up the entire screen but here is a preview:

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    2010-10-18 02:11 AM
  9. Stereo89's Avatar

    WoooooW!!! it's beautifulll!!!!

    Whatever you need, I'm here...
    http://news.deviantart.com/article/64492/ An interview to great Mattahan!!!The creator of Buuf!
    If You like my work, please donate via PayPal to [email protected]. Thank You
    2010-10-18 02:18 AM
  10. Doreen's Avatar
    Okay Thank you so much Stereo I may need to bug you for some snow! hehe!
    Got any snow in your pocket?
    2010-10-18 02:20 AM
  11. Bababooey13's Avatar
    Sorry to y'all that were waiting for a tutorial.... I worked a CRAZY day today, ran a couple hundred feet of pipe in a CRAZY ceiling and pulled all the wire and got it all lite up by myself "no helper"... I'm very exhausted... I'll try and get on it as soon as possible... 
    2010-10-18 02:38 AM
  12. Stereo89's Avatar
    Try this...(i suggest that you can mod the size, trasparency, ecc...)
    Attached Thumbnails Buuf iPhone 4-snow.png  
    http://news.deviantart.com/article/64492/ An interview to great Mattahan!!!The creator of Buuf!
    If You like my work, please donate via PayPal to [email protected]. Thank You
    2010-10-18 02:43 AM
  13. Bababooey13's Avatar
    Also... I submitted BUUF4 BabaBuufey to modmyi, I got a verification that it was excepted, it said it would be live in Cydia within 3 hrs... That was Friday, it's STILL not up... Is this normal? I can't get a response from anyone... Also because of it's size I did what they said and gave a mediafire link that I KNOW is good, it was a zipped folder with the theme, wallpapers, and sbsettings theme, I left directions in the dev portal that the wallpapers need to be installed to stock wallpapers and sbsettings to.... Well you get it... Was this the right way to go about it? Or do I need to package it differently? My first time using modmyi...
    2010-10-18 02:45 AM
  14. Doreen's Avatar
    Hello Bababooey, I've only had luck w/ getting (2) themes on Cydia and that was ages ago. For one thing Kyle is having family crisis so this could be the issue: http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-ne...ht-cancer.html

    Thank you Stereo I will try that snow out and see how it looks! You're the bestest!
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    2010-10-18 02:51 AM
  15. Bababooey13's Avatar
    Ok... Thank you girl.... I hope everything is ok...
    2010-10-18 02:53 AM
  16. Doreen's Avatar
    /me too he's a really nice guy and it's a shame he's walking through such hard trials in his life.

    Okay let's keep this light over here I don't like my heart hurting.

    I bring to all you Buuf Heads Lightning!!! I think this is the final one I will go with. (cuz I'm tired!) hehe

    2010-10-18 03:00 AM
  17. mcruz's Avatar
    this is so nice! is it already available doreen? would love to try it out
    2010-10-18 03:38 AM
  18. Doreen's Avatar
    I'm still working on it but I will post news of it when it's completed, been working on it around the clock so it won't be too much longer...
    2010-10-18 03:53 AM
  19. mcruz's Avatar
    cant wait! do let me know.
    2010-10-18 04:10 AM
  20. Doreen's Avatar
    Can you please check your mail I wanted to ask you something mcruz. Thank you!
    2010-10-18 04:12 AM
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