1. Stereo89's Avatar

    Can you also write the name of the apps?..Thank you!

    (P.S. ..These are not all of the Buff's icons. Do You want that i try to remake them in Buuf's style or do you want exactly the same???)
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    2010-09-02 02:14 AM
  2. fallen9999's Avatar
    On the first page the folder background looks the same as the wallpaper but mine is black what files do I need thanks
    Attached Thumbnails Buuf iPhone 4-imageuploadedbymodmyi.jpg  
    2010-09-02 02:27 AM
  3. c4dm4n's Avatar
    Very Nice!!!! Thanks Stereo. for the fastfriends icon.
    2010-09-02 03:13 AM
  4. Dara's Avatar

    Can you also write the name of the apps?..Thank you!

    (P.S. ..These are not all of the Buff's icons. Do You want that i try to remake them in Buuf's style or do you want exactly the same???)
    Hi Stereo89.

    The icons are ::

    - Calculator
    - Calendar
    - Cydia (yellow smiley)
    - Photos, &
    - Voice Memo (cassette)
    - iTunes (record player)

    If you could please either amend or remake, that would be great? I'm sure there will be plenty of forum members who will download & use them.

    I shall post Wave 2 of icons tomorrow.

    2010-09-02 04:55 AM
  5. blackcat260887's Avatar
    Firstly I wanna thanks so muck to share this great theme, it makes my IP more expr, however I still got the problem with it, I tried to change the dialpad which posted by Doreen but hasn't been succeess! so can you show me the clearly way to change it, Doreen n all of pro!many thanks to all

    i love it so much

    2010-09-02 10:31 AM
  6. Stereo89's Avatar

    I already posted icons for iTunes, Cydia & Calendar. Don't you like them?

    Calculator, Cydia (yellow smiley), Photos, Voice Memo,
    iTunes 10
    Attached Thumbnails Buuf iPhone 4-calculator1.png   Buuf iPhone 4-calculator.png   Buuf iPhone 4-cydias.png   Buuf iPhone 4-cydias1.png   Buuf iPhone 4-photos.png   Buuf iPhone 4-photos1.png   Buuf iPhone 4-voice-memo.png   Buuf iPhone 4-itunes10.png  

    2010-09-02 11:35 AM
  7. Dara's Avatar
    These are great Stereo89... thank you.

    However, can you please examine kindly designing a Turntable icon for iPod & a Cassette icon for Voice recorder... the originals are very cool!?

    Cheers mate & I'll post 5-6 more tonight.

    All the best,
    2010-09-02 08:23 PM
  8. Bababooey13's Avatar
    NM lunercrab, I made one for myself
    Hey fudsey, could you post the wallpaper your using? Thank you! Lovin the new buuf!!!
    2010-09-02 10:12 PM
  9. Dara's Avatar
    Next Wave!

    Tune In Radio
    To Do
    If Found

    Many thanks in advance.
    Attached Images Buuf iPhone 4-birthdays.png Buuf iPhone 4-dictionary.png Buuf iPhone 4-ebay.png Buuf iPhone 4-google.png Buuf iPhone 4-if-found.png Buuf iPhone 4-skype.png Buuf iPhone 4-todo.png Buuf iPhone 4-wikipedia.png Buuf iPhone 4-youtube.png Buuf iPhone 4-tunein-radio.png 
    2010-09-03 12:33 AM
  10. Stereo89's Avatar

    Second wave!..

    (Please write five icons at a time, otherwise I can not arrange!)

    Google, Tune In Radio, Wikipedia, eBay, YouTube, Skype, To Do, Birthdays, If Found, Dictionary

    Do You like them?
    Attached Thumbnails Buuf iPhone 4-google.png   Buuf iPhone 4-google1.png   Buuf iPhone 4-radio.png   Buuf iPhone 4-radio1.png   Buuf iPhone 4-wikipedia.png   Buuf iPhone 4-ebay.png   Buuf iPhone 4-youtube1.png   Buuf iPhone 4-youtube2.png  

    Buuf iPhone 4-skype.png   Buuf iPhone 4-todo.png   Buuf iPhone 4-birthdays.png   Buuf iPhone 4-iffound.png   Buuf iPhone 4-dictionary.png  
    2010-09-03 02:27 AM
  11. Stereo89's Avatar

    I forgot to put Turntable icon for iPod and a Cassette icon for Voice recorder..sorry!
    Attached Thumbnails Buuf iPhone 4-turntable.png   Buuf iPhone 4-cassette.png  
    2010-09-03 02:57 AM
  12. Dara's Avatar
    Thanks so much..... speedy, quality & ultimately fantastic.

    You are a selfless & quality human being mate.

    Many thanks once more.
    2010-09-03 03:16 AM
  13. Dara's Avatar
    Cheers Stereo89...

    - Engadget
    - PayPal
    - Amazon UK
    - Amazon
    - CIBC

    Cheers once more.
    Attached Images Buuf iPhone 4-amazon-uk.png Buuf iPhone 4-amazon.com.png Buuf iPhone 4-engadget.png Buuf iPhone 4-paypal.png Buuf iPhone 4-cibc.png 
    2010-09-03 03:25 AM
  14. Stereo89's Avatar

    Engadget, PayPal, Amazon UK (x2), Amazon (x2), CIBC (x3)
    Attached Thumbnails Buuf iPhone 4-engadget.png   Buuf iPhone 4-paypal.png   Buuf iPhone 4-amazonuk.png   Buuf iPhone 4-amazonuk1.png   Buuf iPhone 4-amazon.png   Buuf iPhone 4-amazon1.png   Buuf iPhone 4-cibc.png   Buuf iPhone 4-cibc1.png  

    Buuf iPhone 4-cibc2.png  
    2010-09-03 12:59 PM
  15. Dara's Avatar
    Absolutely superb... cheers Stereo89!
    2010-09-03 06:09 PM
  16. Dara's Avatar
    Here's Wave 4 Stereo89 ::

    - Weather Eye
    - GV-iView
    - MacLife
    - My Account (Rogers)
    - Firefox Home

    Attached Thumbnails Buuf iPhone 4-maclife-logo-236x92.gif   Buuf iPhone 4-rogers-logo.gif  
    Attached Images Buuf iPhone 4-firefox-home.png Buuf iPhone 4-gv-iview.png Buuf iPhone 4-maclife.png Buuf iPhone 4-my-account.png Buuf iPhone 4-weathereye.png 
    2010-09-03 06:12 PM
  17. Stereo89's Avatar

    Weather Eye, GV-iView, MacLife, My Account (Rogers), Firefox Home

    Do You like them?
    Attached Thumbnails Buuf iPhone 4-weathereye.png   Buuf iPhone 4-gv-iview.png   Buuf iPhone 4-maclife.png   Buuf iPhone 4-rogers.png   Buuf iPhone 4-rogers1.png   Buuf iPhone 4-firefox-home.png  
    2010-09-03 07:40 PM
  18. soulthoughts's Avatar
    Help a mod...I have shadows only on my dock icons. Is there an easy way to remove it?
    2010-09-03 08:42 PM
  19. Dara's Avatar
    These are super Stereo89... more real quality!

    Here's Wave 5 for when you have time ::

    - AppBox Pro
    - 1password
    - Genius Scan
    - Nightstand
    - qTweeter

    Many thanks once more,
    Attached Images Buuf iPhone 4-1password.png Buuf iPhone 4-appbox-pro.png Buuf iPhone 4-genius-scan.png Buuf iPhone 4-nightstand.png Buuf iPhone 4-qtweeter.png 
    2010-09-03 09:25 PM
  20. Stereo89's Avatar

    AppBox Pro (x3), 1password, Genius Scan (x2), Nightstand (x3), qTweeter

    Do You like them??
    Attached Thumbnails Buuf iPhone 4-appbox-pro.png   Buuf iPhone 4-appbox-pro1.png   Buuf iPhone 4-appbox-pro2.png   Buuf iPhone 4-1password.png   Buuf iPhone 4-geniusscan.png   Buuf iPhone 4-geniusscan1.png   Buuf iPhone 4-nightstand.png   Buuf iPhone 4-nightstand1.png  

    Buuf iPhone 4-nightstand2.png   Buuf iPhone 4-qtweeter.png  
    2010-09-04 02:18 AM
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