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    Alright well lately I've been trying to figure out why when I create my own Auto-Skinning theme, it doesn't work. However when I use one from stock, it works just fine.

    I first tried using the AppIconShadow, AppIconMask, and AppIconOverlay from the Dusk theme, and found that they work just fine, even though their sizes are 55x55, and the thread on How to Create AUTO-SKINNING App-Store Icons for Your Theme.... says they must be 59x60.

    I then tried using my own shadow/mask/overlay that I created in Photoshop and tried them at 59x60 each, then later 55x55 each. It worked neither time. It shows the overlay, but instead of showing the shadow along with it or using the mask to hide any of the actual icon, it just turns it into a box with the overlay on top of it.

    I set up the theme's folders for iOS 4 and OS 3, both had the same result. I'm testing it on an iPod Touch 2G MB model running iOS 4. I checked the spelling multiple times, and even copied the folders from stock themes to make sure the spelling was absolutely correct.

    Here are the Auto-Skinning pictures:

    (Note: The actual image names aren't in lower-case. Imageshack just did that for some reason.)

    And here's the result of turning the theme on:

    (The left side of the springboard is filled with iBlanks.)
    2010-08-09 01:32 AM