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    Today I spenta few hours creating a custom carrier logo for O2-UK in Photoshop and playing with SSH

    I compleetly overwrote the:

    with my custom files:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    That was all fine, but i wanted it to work with winterboard so i continued to add the folders to my themes folder:
    O2 Carrier Logo [HD].theme/Bundles/com.apple.O2_UK
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    I can then tick my carrier bundle in winterboard and it works (See Screenshot 1) I have my custom carrier working great

    My problem is that when ever i open an app it defaults to the normal O2 - UK carrier text (See Screenshot 2) and i don't know why

    Any one know how i can fix this and stop it from changing so i can keep using it through winterboard rather than replacing the default files


    Attached Thumbnails Custom O2 UK Carrier Logo Problems-screenshot1.jpg   Custom O2 UK Carrier Logo Problems-screenshot2.jpg  
    2010-08-11 09:20 PM
  2. metaljay's Avatar
    Hmmm, not sure bro, im also trying to make a hi-res icon for ios4 but struggling,
    did you put your files in:
    system/..../..../carrier bundles

    or var/mobile/library/carrier bunder etc?

    also what sizes did you use?

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    2010-08-14 06:29 PM
  3. BMXer Dan's Avatar
    At the current moment in time I have it in the winterboard theme location and in the var/mobile/.../carrierbundles etc

    Because that makes it work all the time I just can't turn it on and off in winterboard I would have to ssh in and take the files out or use ifile
    2010-08-14 06:38 PM
  4. metaljay's Avatar
    ok, but what size etc? do you have the psd? as when ever i create a logo, it a bad picture. what size images did you make?

    Also noticed the @2x doesnt work for me, does it you?

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    2010-08-14 06:50 PM
  5. BMXer Dan's Avatar
    I used the dimensions 72x35 with 300 ppi
    and yes, the @2x does work for me, as i said my two files were named:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
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    2010-08-14 07:07 PM
  6. metaljay's Avatar
    i still cannot get the @2x to work for me.

    Could you try make me a quick logo?

    use font 'Edwardian Script ITC' and write 'J' size '1.25 pt' and 'ordan' size '2.25 pt' so it reads Jordan and looks proportional
    Every time i try it, the letter become square and pixelated.

    ill be so greatful if you can help
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    2010-08-14 07:10 PM
  7. BMXer Dan's Avatar
    That font also pixelates a lot for me too, probably not the best font to use for such a small image

    Where are you placing your files?
    also the image below shows how my directory looks when i ssh into it
    Attached Thumbnails Custom O2 UK Carrier Logo Problems-capture.png  
    2010-08-14 07:23 PM
  8. metaljay's Avatar
    i try either locations, neither accept the @2x image
    i cant explain it :S

    Can you make me one that just says 'Jordan'? same colours as your

    thx bro

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    2010-08-14 07:26 PM
  9. BMXer Dan's Avatar

    this is the tutorial made by MMi them selves that i used to create my carrier logo i obviously just used my own idea and the size i said above
    2010-08-14 07:28 PM
  10. metaljay's Avatar
    i no how to make them, its just the @2x that doesnt work for me

    ah well thanks anyway m8

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    2010-08-14 07:31 PM
  11. BMXer Dan's Avatar
    if you want just plain text why not use an app that changes your strings?
    2010-08-14 07:31 PM
  12. metaljay's Avatar
    nar, i wanted 1 with a cool font without changing the system font,

    ive not deleted my files from both places by mistake lol

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    2010-08-14 07:55 PM
  13. metaljay's Avatar
    did you ever find a fix?

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    2010-08-15 07:58 PM
  14. Beej2211's Avatar
    @metaljay - I placed my @2x files in /var/mobile/library/carrier bundle.bundle and removed the original logos out of this folder, then pastes in the new ones

    As for Dan. Mine work inside Apple Apps but fail when I open 3rd party ones forcing them back to O2-UK
    2010-08-15 11:01 PM
  15. BMXer Dan's Avatar
    No sorry man, I haven't.

    If I do, I will post it here, but by the looks of it since your the only one accept Beej2211 (whicih is my friend) who has posted I don't think I will get a fix to this
    2010-08-16 02:56 AM