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    I could write for a looong time about how I fell into this mess but basically, I'm making my own theme, and decided to start on the Safari skin yesterday. Having NO knowledge of .artwork files, I decided to use some other forum member's other.artwork file, and "touch it up" to what I wanted. Also, being the over-confident person I am, I didn't back up the default other.artwork file before replacing it. Cut to today: My iPod's off the charts as far as glitches go. Colors are tweaking out, most 3rd party apps don't open, even some native apps just crash. It also randomly turns off, which it hasn't been doing before. I could restore, but it would set me up with the 4.0 fw, which I don't want at this point. So, does anyone have the stock other.artwork file I could use, or is there another way to work around this? Help!

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