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    well silver your an ******* too!
    I know

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    2010-09-10 01:14 AM
  2. wim66's Avatar
    Wim if you get a chance can u make a "DG" logo no quotes and toss me your donate link. Can't see your sig atm
    Here you go.
    My donation link is hidden in my sig, my animated name is clickable
    You need a slider to go with that?

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    2010-09-10 01:25 AM
  3. Navec245's Avatar
    So what version should i be running... have run cydia but no update in there
    Do you have the beta repo in your source list? It's on their forum page.
    2010-09-10 01:28 AM
  4. rapidtommo's Avatar
    There's a lot of pages to read thru so sorry if this has been asked but is there a later version of this theme past 1.0. There's a lot of awesome photos thru the pages and my ClassHD 1.0 theme is getting a bit jealous
    2010-09-10 01:32 AM
  5. wim66's Avatar

    2010-09-10 01:32 AM
  6. floppy_joe's Avatar
    **** you very much
    2010-09-10 01:47 AM
  7. zausser's Avatar

    Bro... Where's the icon in your sig! That was awesome! Bring that back!!!
    2010-09-10 01:53 AM
  8. Sanady361's Avatar
    CFBundleIdentifier Database

    Has the database been taken down?
    Not sure, it was working earlier today.. Hopefully it comes back up.. Anyone else know anything about it?
    2010-09-10 02:04 AM
  9. sargd66's Avatar
    Bars&Headcheese thanks for the live weather icons!! Now I just wish live clock would get updated so we could have that also.
    2010-09-10 02:15 AM
  10. TheBeastSS2's Avatar
    Hey wim could I get a slider that says CamaroSS2 please, I'll love you long time if you do!
    2010-09-10 02:38 AM
  11. chevymusclecar's Avatar
    How does this look?

    Looks good! Especially the croch shot! Rofl
    2010-09-10 02:44 AM
  12. wim66's Avatar
    Hey wim could I get a slider that says CamaroSS2 please, I'll love you long time if you do!
    Sure, that's what the girls always say to me here in Amsterdam

    2010-09-10 02:51 AM
  13. chevymusclecar's Avatar
    I've also had a request from vanbashted about this.

    Obviously makes sense for me to share with the community but not sure if Bars will be happy with that. Bars?

    If not then I'll PM you guys later tonight. If anyone else wants to know in the meantime let me know so I can hit you all at once (so to speak!)
    Can you please include me?...if you get the ok. iGracias!
    2010-09-10 02:52 AM
  14. Sniper488's Avatar
    Does anyone know where all the files are and what the files are named to change the popups, like in irealsms and receiving sms?
    2010-09-10 03:52 AM
  15. markito979's Avatar
    can someone do a logo for the lockscreen with YULI
    2010-09-10 03:55 AM
  16. chevymusclecar's Avatar
    I have not seen any requests for missing toggles? Are people missing toggles? I'd be gla to make whatever is missing!
    barsoverbeats how about auto correct, 3G unrestrictor and Lockdown pro?
    2010-09-10 04:05 AM
  17. rumcajs's Avatar
    Got awfully quiet in here...lol
    2010-09-10 05:00 AM
  18. Silverado87's Avatar
    I love my new Signature. i think ill use it for my Logo on my lockscreen

    crap i gotta change it now
    2010-09-10 05:00 AM
  19. barsoverbeats's Avatar
    irealSMS retina
    Attached Files
    2010-09-10 05:35 AM
  20. barsoverbeats's Avatar
    barsoverbeats how about auto correct, 3G unrestrictor and Lockdown pro?
    I will def get these tomorrow Thanks! Sorry I fell asleep on the couch EARLY, I am gooing to get a good nights rest, I will be CHARGED up for the weekend!
    2010-09-10 05:37 AM