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    Interesting question for folks I think...but first I want to thank eveyone in this thread; bought the theme just a few days ago and am LOVING it. The theme itself is fantastic - and addicting as was noted a few pages back; the links in post 1 to all of the icons, wallpapers, etc. is amazing, all of the contributions to different wallpapers and looks is great and the quick responses are terrific. OK...running out of compliments...

    Now on to my question...I run Intelliscreen mainly for the repeating alarms but I do have the calendar appear on my lockscreen. That package reserves the top part of the screen for the system clock which I block but cannot move the calendar up into the empty space.

    Can the lockscreen for this theme be adjusted to move the picture and clock up to the top which would then let me put a couple of lines of Intelliscreen appointments at the bottom? Of course if someone knows how to use the clock space in Intelliscreen that would work as well.

    Thanks in advance.
    2010-09-14 03:12 AM
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    made my own

    looks better on the screen lol ps: quick erase dont need to see my girl lol

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    2010-09-14 03:32 AM
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    Night guys
    2010-09-14 03:34 AM
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    One RQ and for anyone who happens to be named Joe

    hey wim if ya still awake can I get a "LAZ" for the lockscreen and LAZ'S iPhone4 for the slider? thx man
    2010-09-14 03:36 AM
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    Morning...or evening depending on where you are.

    Yesterday I pulled all my apps from my phone and began creating bundle folders and pulling the icon names over so I could create or find custom icons for all my apps. I have completed the bundle folder naming and icon name database and I have 115 that i could not find already made icons for.

    My plan is to share all of my bundles in a zip file for you guys to use if you'd like. All you would need to do is unzip and move the folders into your Bundles folder in your theme...no creating bundles and naming icons or anything like that as all that work would already be done.

    I am thinking with TBall and Coach Pitch it may take a while to finish so I was thinking if I posted a list of apps if any of you guys wanted to make some icons with me it would go much faster. if you want to post them or email them to me at r a n c e y . s p a r k s @ c o m c a s t . n e t (remove spaces) I would get them all together and correctly named and zipped up for all to use. i will also include the ones I have already made and used from icons you guys have already posted in this forum.

    Anyway, if anyone is interested I have attached a zipped txt file with all the app names as not to clutter this message with a huge list.

    I will take all the help I can get, and when we are finished I will find someone/somewhere to host the zip file for everyone to grab.

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    2010-09-14 03:50 AM
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    Hi all,

    Call me fussy but can I know how to change font for the phrase "Enter Passcode" when prompted at the lockscreen? TIA!
    2010-09-14 04:07 AM
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    One RQ and for anyone who happens to be named Joe

    Hey wim..

    Could you PM me the slider template? I don't have a problem doing requests when you're not on.
    My latest theme - -
    2010-09-14 04:10 AM
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    Off Topic

    I was in a program, had just turned off location using SB Settings toggle. Phone suddenly began vibrating. Screen is off and has been doing this for 30 minutes. Can't get to DFU, the computer doesn't recognize the phone. Doing the power/home button hold is a fail.

    I've read others had this and could get it to reboot while others had to wait until the battery died. Looking like that for me. This really sucks. I guess karma got me for starting stuff last week in the thread.
    2010-09-14 04:13 AM
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    its gettin there....

    of course this will be the Windy Image
    2010-09-14 04:17 AM
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    If anyone plans to work the list, I finished USPS, iFitness, LoseIt and PGA Tour. Going to bed.

    its gettin there....

    of course this will be the Windy Image
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    2010-09-14 04:21 AM
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    carbon fiber style

    2010-09-14 04:35 AM
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    I get 403 forbidden errors when trying to install any CHD related stuff from Cydia. And, since I donated directly and didn't purchase through Cydia, there is no way to get up to date...
    2010-09-14 04:37 AM
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    carbon fiber style

    can i get JLW
    2010-09-14 04:38 AM
  14. DevouredDreams's Avatar
    can i get JLW

    one for you sir
    2010-09-14 04:41 AM
  15. jon347's Avatar

    one for you sir
    thanks! if you dont mind can i also get one without the carbon look
    2010-09-14 04:42 AM
  16. DevouredDreams's Avatar
    thanks! if you dont mind can i also get one without the carbon look
    like the one i posted earlier?
    2010-09-14 04:45 AM
  17. jon347's Avatar
    like the one i posted earlier?
    2010-09-14 04:46 AM
  18. DevouredDreams's Avatar

    and another
    2010-09-14 04:48 AM
  19. jon347's Avatar

    and another
    thanks again both look great dont know which to choose
    2010-09-14 04:51 AM
  20. H1J1NX's Avatar

    Unzip and put them in the UIImages Folder.

    Just Blue Colored Carrier Signal Bars to include 5 Bars.

    And Blue Colored Wifi Bars.
    Thanks a lot!
    2010-09-14 04:52 AM