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    Hi All,
    Jailbroken 3.2.1 iPad trying my best to use it as a laptop replacement. Want to use Pages for my docs as it seems to be the most robust editor thus far. Using iFile from Cydia and from this app you can navagate to anywhere on the ipad and do an 'open-with'. Does anyone know where Pages stores it's documents? (/var/user/moble/??????)

    Thanks for any help,
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    they seem to be here on my ipad


    After a bit more digging, this folder appears to be the import folder for pages.

    once the documents are imported they seem to be moved to

    /private/var/mobile/Applications/27321A75-91C2-4822-A462-F0F83C57C791/Library/Application Support/Documents

    When the documents are imported the format seems to be changed, can anybody shed any light on this?
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    'long time listen, first time caller...'

    You should be able to find the application folder using SBSettings. I'm not sure if that string changes from install to install.

    Also, below is a post I made recently on macrumors regarding file sharing between apps. Hopefully it helps and I would love any feedback anyone may have.

    I am able to place symbolic links in GoodReader and DocsToGo pointing to /var/mobile and any directories I place there are viewable by each application. However, when attempting to create a file with DocsToGo, nothing happens. If I then browse to /var/mobile/Media/DCIM, I can create/read/write till my hearts content.

    So, this started to make me real happy as I thought that this was the same folder that pops up when connecting to the PC to sync, but it's not. /var off the root is a symbolic link to /private/var, and from there, things start to confuse me a bit hierarchly and everything is owned by root/wheel, so that's about as far as I go there for now.

    So, it looks Ike I can manually place a folder structure in /var/mobile/Media/DCIM with links to that folder within apps and manipulate files in one location from multiple applications! I'm very damn happy about this!!

    Ideally, I would like to be able to place this directory structure in the same location that pops up in Windows when connected. If this where the case, i believe I could map a drive letter to it and then use something like RichCopy to sync the data to/from my network share and no longer need to worry about which file I edited where and manually syncing.
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    It looks like we are aiming for the same thing:

    have you tried setting the 'remote path' to '/' in your ssh, ftp or telnet app?
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    Ive been fairly successful using the above method and syncing the docs back to my network share using WinSCP. WinSCP supports synchronization and will even watch for changes in either direction, but I think that my files being on the network are giving me problems there. I'm going to pull them down local when I get a chance and retest.

    My SOP now is to check each application i have and if it supports storing it's files to it's local app folder, and supports directory browsing I go in with iFile and place a symbolic link in there to /var/mobile/Media/DCIM, where I store my main data folder.

    With DocsToGo, I can save files to that data folder although it always displays it's default folder in the bar. I just name the file then browse to the correct folder and save and it definitely hits the right spot because you will received overwrite warning if the file exists. I don't have Office2 to test with, but maybe I'll grab it and try.

    My main boggle right now is that most (good) photo editors only support saving back to the saved photos folder, so for those edits,, I still need to move the files manually if needed.

    Regarding the remote path do you mean on the PC side? With WInSCP you login as root and have full privileges and drag/drop.. I've trying to place a number of different symbolic links within apps but it appears that the location noted is the only common location apps have write permissions to.
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