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    Hi, I have an iPhone 4, currently running os 4.0.2. I had previously been running 4.0.1, and jailbroken the phone via jailbreakme.com. I installed cydia, downloaded winterboard and a number of themes and theme elements, just to see what could be done. I also downloaded the cydia app "mobilefinder", the pdf security patch, a five column utility for the home screen and a five icon utility for the dock. Finally, I downloaded the app "sbsettings".

    So, my troubles started after I downloaded these things and began seeing the different combinations of themes and theme elements I could use. I had this issue twice, but I eventually ran into a springboard error, in which it wouldn't start, and cydia's features disabled the different programs I had which were affecting springboard. Since this was nearly all of them, I tried to find which one was causing the problem by deleteing individual themes and the sbsettings app one by one. I eventually got that sorted out (it was an add-on switch for the sbsettings that turned tethering on and off), and then reinstalled sbsettings and a few themes.

    After this, I noticed that sometimes when I got on a wifi network, the wifi symbol in the left corner of the status board would be replaced by a two digit negative number, usually between -95 and -85. I had NO idea what this was, but I got spooked and decided to "unjailbreak" the phone. I backed the phone up on itunes, then did a DFU recovery, and loaded the backup, thinking it would clear all trace of the jailbreak, and therefor, this bug. But it didn't.

    So, now I'm stuck with my phone which is back to it's pre-jailbreak condition, except it has a weird wifi icon bug. It's really getting on my nerves, and I'm afraid that if I ask apple for support they would realize it came from jailbreaking it, so I don't know what to do. I thought a DFU restore was the best way to return an iPhone to factory settings. And, just for reference, I did the DFU restore EXACTLY as this tutorial says :http://www.iclarified.com/entry/index.php?enid=1034.

    Here are some screen shots to show the strange icon issue. Sometimes the wifi icon comes back, but only when I'm at the home screen. Also, for some reason, the battery percentage number won't leave even if I turn it off.
    Attached Thumbnails Strange springboard bug-img_0001.png   Strange springboard bug-img_0002.png   Strange springboard bug-img_0003.png  
    2010-08-17 01:23 AM
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    Did you try restoring and setting it up as a new phone?
    2010-08-17 05:47 AM
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    It's one of the options/settings in SBSettings to view your wifi as numeric, you might have set it without realizing it or what it was.. I set it and didn't like it at all so I de-selected it. It's in the same place as the option to show available ram. I imagine things like that work exactly the same as editing the registry in Windows. So when you restored that tiny setting stayed the same. That tells me a restore isn't equivalent to an actual format and re-install like it Windows (which is all I have to compare to). The only way I can think to undo it is re-jailbreak and install SBSettings again and de-select that option.
    2010-08-17 06:59 AM