1. apwtwenty's Avatar
    i called the apple store yesterday and they said they had all ipad models in stock. will the fw be the newest one 3.2.2? should i ask them? cause i want to be able to jb
    2010-08-18 04:39 PM
  2. mx727's Avatar
    Your best bet is to go to Best Buy. There is a very good chance that their stock is still 3.2.1. Not sure how long that will continue though.
    2010-08-19 05:07 PM
  3. krosis's Avatar
    I just picked up a 16GB WiFi model from Best Buy today and it still had 3.2.1 on it.

    I doubt people at the store would know for sure which firmware is loaded, you pretty much have to buy it and power it on to check.

    Given that the bug was patched about a week ago, and it takes about a week for new iDevices to ship from China, we're probably getting close to seeing 3.2.2 on devices in stores.

    Too bad I didn't get signed shsh, so I can't restore to 3.2.1 if something goes wrong

    If it helps, the model and part number listed on my box was A1219 and MB292LL/A, but I doubt either of those get updated when they bump the firmware.
    2010-08-19 11:09 PM
  4. mx727's Avatar
    I got lucky. I bought mine last Friday and figured that Apple wouldn't sign it, but they did. Dodged that bullet.
    2010-08-20 01:15 AM
  5. pinkyd66's Avatar
    Just bought one at bestbuy a few minutes ago. 3.2.1
    2010-08-20 04:53 AM