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    OK, here is the complete stock theme for 4.x. I know i said id wait till this was COMPLETE before releasing, but it doesn't look like the UIImages are gonna get unpacked anytime soon, and after xxhorseriderxxx's miserable fail of an existence, I figured this would help ease some of the confusion. So this is the almost-complete stock theme for 4.x. All that is missing is the 4 cached .artwork files.

    Oh, and I just got my iphone 4 today, and its on 4.0.2, so ill have to wait for a jb before i can load this for the iphone 4, but for now, this has everything u need for 4.x on the 3gs and under. The biggest thing u need to know in the mean time is how to theme the @2x icons for the RD. Label ur 118X120 images as [email protected] and put them in the app's folder (in bundles).

    And here is a link to the info.plist keys thread i made a while back:


    its a little out dated, as wb seemed to be more functional when it was first made, but its still pretty useful, and its the only thing that this template wont show u how to do.


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    2010-08-19 10:07 PM
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    @leram84 hey man i hate to ask as i dont want to bug you and i know i'm in the same boat as many but i read somewhere you had developed a tool to unpack/repack the .artwork files in the new ios but was reluctant to release it... Is that right?

    It's just that i took a long time to come around and update to 4.x only to find out when i do that i have to live with the horrible stock theme as iPhone Shop no longer works :-( It apears you are the man of the moment so i thought i would ask :-)

    2010-08-21 01:31 AM
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    sorry dude, im not the one that makes those tools. Massimo (or something like that) has been responsible for iphoneshop since the beginning of wb, but it looks like he is out of it, so until someone else creates a tool for unpacking/repacking the cached .artwork files, this is all we have. dsg, has also managed to unpack some (maybe all- no way of knowing yet) of the uiimages, but it was done using a tool meant for the 4.x sdk, and i dont even know if wb supports any of this yet.

    MacThemes Forum / iOS 4 - New, changed and relocated images. Ask here!

    that thread has the most info on 4.x theming i have found, so if u dont want to wait, u can muck through some of that and see if it helps.
    2010-08-23 07:23 PM
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    2010-08-23 09:25 PM
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    2010-09-15 09:45 PM
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    Thanks soo much for this! I am just starting to make a theme and was looking for these!
    2011-03-09 08:50 AM