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    I was having the problem with a theme not completely theming all icons..so I tried to find the SpringBoardIconCache and SpringBoardIconCache-small folders in var/mobile/Library/Caches. But..they're not there. There's only a com.apple.IconsCache folder that seems to hold any relevance. I figured I'd delete the folder and it didn't fix the icon inconsistency problem. So i'm just wondering if anyone knows where the new location/directory is? I'm stuck resyncing my apps until there's a quicker solution to this problem.

    Yes I did have SummerBoard activated.

    P.S. I downloaded and installed the Alit theme before syncing all of my apps from iTunes (i just upgraded to 4.0 jailbreak). After I enabled the Alit Theme, I then began to sync all the apps from iTunes into my iPhone 3GS. These are the apps whose icons aren't being themed. Only the default apps are being themed. So does me doing it in that order have anything to do with it?


    I just resynced my apps and it didn't work. They're still unthemed... :/
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    2010-08-20 01:16 AM
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    same issue here I can't find that blasted folder!!!
    2010-08-20 11:41 PM
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    No one knows why its not showing up? Could it have to do with permissions?
    2010-08-22 04:08 AM